About Me

          Hi I’m Ashley and I’d like to welcome you to my page! I’m a lover of Jesus, music, coffee, cats, concerts, plants, and food! I’ve made this little blog mostly to talk about music because anyone who knows me knows that it’s my favorite thing to discuss!  I wouldn’t be surprised if you see my other loves worked into posts at times as well though! I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life, and my favorite places in Georgia are the Smokey Mountains and the Atlanta Zoo! I’m currently a college student, and I absolutely love it!

           I’ve grown up in a house with parents who love music, and that’s where my appreciation of music mostly comes from! I don’t know that I can really pick one favorite genre because honestly I love a little bit of everything. I grew up with country music and 80’s music being my favorites, but my music taste has expanded a good bit since I was a kid. You can find me jamming something different almost everyday! My music taste of the day is normally based on what the weather is outside or just my emotions of the day! My current top favorite band is Pierce the Veil, and anyone who knows me knows that I talk about them probably a little too much! I find I really enjoy the artists that you can tell care about what they’re doing, and put a lot into their music and career.

             I spend a lot of my time at concerts, and now people aren’t really surprised when I say I’m going to a show. They’re just kind of my happy place I guess you could say. I’m very thankful to say I’ve seen a lot of my favorite bands. I’ve been lucky enough to see several of them more than once, and have also even gotten the chance to meet a couple of my favorites. I just feel there’s nothing better than seeing your favorite artists with other people who love them as well. It’s so awesome when you go and you hear so many others singing along to the songs as well. I don’t really have a preference when it comes to big or small shows. I love that they both bring amazing experiences, and I feel you can leave either type feeling amazed at the talent of the person performing.

             I find music brings so many people together, and I hope that maybe you’ll want to continue on this journey with me, and keep up with my posts. Maybe we’ll be able to have a conversation over a band we both love or maybe you’ll find out about a band or artists you’ve never heard of! Whatever it is, I’m excited for this little blog, and hope that just maybe you are too! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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