Hello Summer my old friend

        Hello Summer! Oh how I am so glad to finally be able to say that! It has been a fun, but fairly difficult Spring semester so I’m looking forward to some time off. There’s honestly so much relief after finishing the last exam of the semester! It was kind of like drinking a nice cold cup of water after being outside in the hot summer heat!

        The past few weeks I’ve been getting together all the summer essentials I would need to make this summer a good one! Obviously at the top of that list was making an amazing playlist on Google Play so that I can jam this summer (link down below)! I’ve added some of my favorite new songs to the playlist along with some older jams that I love. It has a little over 250 songs right now, but the way the music industry is going right now I’m sure you will most definitely be seeing the playlist grow as the summer goes on! I tried for the most part to make it fairly upbeat so that it’s perfect for those sunny day car rides! I feel the perfect playlist can really make a car ride so much better!

         I live in Georgia, and the summers get pretty hot here so the second thing on my list was to pick up my Sodapalooza cup from RaceTrac! It’s so worth paying $10 upfront for a cup that gets you free refills of drinks and icee’s all summer, and coupons! I went 4 times in one day last week, and it was great! Another item on my summer essential list was a really cute pair of sunglasses from hashtag sunglasses! If you’re looking for some new glasses you should definitely check them out (https://www.hashtag-sunglasses.com/) and use my code ‘NewShades4You’ for 10% off!

           I’m really excited for this summer, and can’t wait to see all that it brings! I’m hoping for some fun adventures, and excited about all the new music that will be coming out! It’s looking like an exciting summer between new music, concerts, and vacation! I’ve already started the summer with a concert that I’ll be posting about soon! I hope all of you have the most amazing summer with lots of fun new memories! What exciting things are you doing this summer? What songs should I add to my playlist? I’d love to hear from you! You can comment below, tweet me, or comment/message me on instagram (@ashnouterspace for both accounts)! Have a great weekend!!

Link to my Summer 2017 playlist: Summer 2017 Playlist

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