Hitting that Alarm

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! Here’s my second post for the week like I promised in my last post. It’s Friday, and it’s Memorial Day weekend which means for many there’s a long weekend! So I hope you all enjoy that time, and take a moment to remember why we’re able to celebrate Memorial Day! Now if you read my last post you may have seen that I left a little hint about today’s posts, but if not continue on to find out!

Alright, so picture this. You awake to a noise that is occurring in your mind as way too early you slap around and press any/every button just trying to get it to shut up. if you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m talking about that handy but super annoying thing we call an alarm clock. We would probably never wake up on time without it, but most of us sometimes wished they didn’t exist. If you’re like me you probably end up pressing sleep several times, but let’s talk about after we finally drag ourselves out of our warm comfy bed. I’m talking about when it’s time to get ready to start the day!

I don’t know about you, but when I get ready for the day I love to have music on to get me going! My morning playlists all depends on how early it is/how tired I am! I have to have a good upbeat dancing playlist some mornings, and other mornings I need upbeat but a little on the quieter side songs. To me there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, and a good playlist to get your morning started!

My two playlists for this week are Wake Me Up Inside  for those upbeat dancing mornings, and Slowly but Surely Waking Up for those mornings where everything just seems too loud! Also if you need some nice playlists to fall asleep to then check out my Nighttime Playlist post!

Hope everyone enjoys this weeks post, and has a great long weekend! Once again don’t forget to remember that we can celebrate a long weekend due to those who have served, and given their life in our military! So thanks to those who serve and have served, I greatly appreciate you!

What are you doing for the long weekend? How do you like to start you’re mornings? What’s your favorite song to get ready to? I would absolutely love to hear from you! Just comment below or connect with me on social media! Hopefully your next early morning will be a bit better because of these playlists!


(Also just wanted to add my thoughts, and prayers are still with those in Manchester. So saddened by the whole thing. Concerts are supposed to be a happy safe place, and never ever a place of terror. Praying for comfort for all of those who have been impacted.)

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