Warped Tour 2017

    Hope everyone had an amazing week! It’s the 2nd week in a row that I get to talk about something exciting that I’ve done this summer! I finally went to Warped tour for the first time after years of saying I wanted to go. It was most definitely an amazing day that I’ll never forget, and I already can’t wait for next year! There were quite a few amazing bands there that you should most definitely check out. My sister and I went for 3 bands in particular though, and I figured I’d share a little about them.


The first band on my must see list is Movements. I saw them for the first time a little over a year ago, and absolutely loved them. I actually bought tickets to Warped Tour just because they were going to be there. They’re on the Full Sail University stage, and they absolutely killed it! Their lyrics are some of my absolute favorites, and their instrumentals are just as good. I definitely see this band going places with the talent that they have, and can’t wait to watch them continue on. They’re just super nice guys in a really awesome band, and if you are going to be catching a Warped date you should go check them out. You can click here to check out one of my favorite songs by them, and you can click here to listen to them on Spotify.


Next on the list of must see bands is Creeper! This band I’m convinced is full of the nicest people on this planet. They have so much energy, and put on one of the most amazing shows. It was hard to get a picture that wasn’t blurry because they move around so much! I started really listening to Creeper after I had gotten my tickets to Warped, and I knew I had to see them. They’re also on the Full Sail University stage, and you’re missing out if you don’t go see them. Their set sadly got cut short due to the crazy rain that moved in, but they killed it still! Really hope they’ll be back in Atlanta soon so we can see a full set! You can click here to hear one of my favorites that they perform (fave song by them is “I Choose to Live”), and you can click here to check them out on Spotify. Go check them out when you’re at Warped, you won’t regret it!

Neck Deep:


Last on the must see list was Neck Deep, and they were on Journey’s Right Foot stage! I had seen them a few times, and was definitely excited to see them again. They always look like they have so much fun on stage, and they’re just an enjoyment to watch and hear. Their crowds are always super crazy awesome as well. They performed 2 of their new songs, and it was absolutely awesome! I would definitely recommend going to see. You can click here to check out my favorite of their 2 new songs, and you can click here to listen to them on Spotify!

These 3 are the main bands that I went for, and I enjoyed every single one of them! My sister, and I didn’t want to plan to see too many bands. We wanted to have a few must see’s, and then just try to catch others throughout the day. While I had never been before I honestly am so glad that was how decided to do it. Because it made it where we didn’t feel like we were constantly running to catch everyone. We were able to also catch Memphis May Fire, Andy Black, and American Authors. They all put on amazing shows as well, and also deserve to be checked out! So glad we went to Warped tour, and can’t wait to go again next year. Definitely have to remember to not forget sunscreen next year though. It was my first time driving to the venue by myself, and honestly I was so nervous that it slipped my mind. My neck is now reminding me that it wasn’t a good idea to forget it. So next year that’s a must.

I definitely enjoyed Warped tour, and I hope if you’ve been to a date that you enjoyed it as well. I also hope that if you’re planning to go to one of the upcoming dates that you have an amazing time! I can definitely see why so many people have said it was one of their favorite parts of summer. I know it’s been one of my favorite things I’ve done. If you’ve gone or are going who did you see/do you want to see? Anyone else checking out/have checked out any of these bands? Would love to hear from you so comment below or you can hit me up on IG/Twitter (@ashnouterspace)! Have a good week, and see you next Friday!








*Vans Warped Tour 2017 picture is not my picture.

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