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Anyone else out there ever get overwhelmed with all the concerts they want to go to? Every winter and summer I get this overwhelming feeling when my favorite artists start to announce their Summer and Fall tours. There are so many concerts that I want to be at, but unfortunately my wallet doesn’t allow me to be at all of them. I’m sure a lot of ya’ll can relate to that, right? Especially when you have to not only pay for the ticket, but you also have to pay the extra fee’s that places like Ticketmaster add on.

That’s where the advice of this week’s post comes in! A lot of you probably already know that radio stations give away tickets over the radio, but did you know that a lot of them also give tickets away on their website’s or social media page’s. In fact I’ve won more contests from radio stations that way than I have from calling in.

The great thing about these radio contest’s is that they are normally completely free!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love free! They come up with some pretty cool prizes too! Sometimes you can win concert tickets, acoustic performance/M&G’s, or sometimes you can things to go bowling or do an escape room with your favorite band.

I’ve been able to go to multiple concerts for free, and see/meet several bands at the radio station thanks to stations like Q100 and Radio 105.7. Sometimes doing a Twitter contests where you have to tweet a lot can be annoying, and it might sometimes feel  like you can never win. Don’t give up though! The first time I won tickets was through a Twitter contest. I remember I got out of class to see a message from Q100 telling me I won! All I could think about was how I almost gave up, and that I was so glad I didn’t. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, but I mean if you can go to a show or meet a band for free I believe it’s worth trying.

So follow your local radio stations on social media and keep up with the contest’s they have on their websites! You never know who you may get to go see! In fact I’m in the middle of typing this and entering to win tickets to see Lorde from Radio 105.7! It’s definitely worth checking out, and I hope next time your wallet is saying no more concerts you can fall back on this!

Hope this little tidbit of information was helpful to all of you! I’d love to hear if any of ya’ll have won stuff through radio station’s! Also going to leave ya’ll with one of my favorite songs at the moment!! The video just came out a few days ago and it’s amazing, and the message behind it is great! I can’t recommend it enough so go check out Grayscale’s cover of “Love Yourself.”


One thought on “Radio Contests

  1. There are a lot of artist that don’t tour very often that are coming in concert and I wish I could go see them all. Alison Krauss, Chris Isaak, and Jack Johnson are just a few.

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