Albums of 2017-part 2

A couple of weeks ago I started on the journey of sharing my favorite albums of 2017! This week I’m giving you part 2 of my favorite albums that we’ve been given this year! Like I previously said in Part 1, there has been a lot of albums to come out, and more to come! I feel like an amazing new album is coming out every week, and it’s really been great!

These albums like the last five are full of some really amazing lyrics, but I think it’s also important to mention the energy going into albums from this year. We’ve had albums where the artists get’s passionate and vulnerable in their lyrics. Then we have other albums that just make us want to get up, and dance. So while different albums have different forms of energy I’d say both types hold a lot, and it gives the music an exciting new feel.

6.Only the Lonely by Colony House                              download

I’ve been a fan of Colony House for a while now, and honestly this album made me love them even more. This album has such a fun vibe to it, and it’s perfect for a long drive on a sunny day! You can’t help but get into the music, and want to jam along with them! I got to see the band perform a majority of the songs live a few months back, and it gave me even more of an appreciation for the album. It was such an amazing live show full of energy that matched the CD’s energy, and if you get a chance to ever see them live you should take it! The albums vocals and instrumentals are both equally amazing, and both deserve a lot of attention. It’s really difficult to pick a favorite lyric from this album because it’s full of so  much greatness. If I had to pick though I guess I’d go with “I’m not scared of fighting; I’m just a little bit over this conversation
I’m not trying to hide it; I’m just thinking slowly maybe you and I can live together if we ever learn to ease the tension maybe the world isn’t crazy; maybe it’s you and I.” 
Those lyrics just really feel relevant right now, and I feel we could all learn something from them. While I love the energy of this album I think my favorite song would actually be the slower song on the album “This Beautiful Life.” It’s a really just a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. This album is really amazing, with a fun vibe, great lyrics, and great instrumentals so go give it a listen ASAP!!

7. Eternity, In Your Arms by Creeper download (1).jpg

I’ve know about this band for a little while, but I didn’t really start listening to them until it was announced they’d be on Warped Tour. I’m really glad I gave them a listen, and I’ve been obsessed with their stuff ever since. Their album has some really amazing jams on it, and it’s another album that has equally amazing instrumentals and vocals. Also I got the chance to see this band live at Warped, and they put on an amazing show! It was full of energy and you could tell they were having a lot of fun on the stage! Unfortunately their set ended early due to rain, but the few songs I saw let me know that this was a band to keep up with! I love all of the songs on their new album, but I believe my favorite has to be “I Choose to Live.” It’s a beautiful song with really beautiful lyrics. My favorite lyrics come from that song, but since it’s hard to pick just 1-2 lines from the song I just included a link to the lyrics of the song. If I had to pick a few lines of lyrics from the album that I really like I’d probably say “And so I wrote down a list of coroners their names, their office phone numbers to pronounce dead the thing we had.” This entire album is really amazing, and another plus to liking this band is that it’s full of some of the nicest people you’ll probably ever meet. So not only are you supporting talented people, but you’re also supporting nice people. Go check out their album ASAP!


8. Gone Now by Bleachers

If you read part 1 of my 2017 album reviews then you probably already know I love Jack Antonoff! I talked about how much I loved that he helped on Lorde’s new album, but now it’s time to rave about his new album. I’ve always liked Bleacher’s music, but this album really sold me. It’s honestly just a really good album! It was one of those albums that was a must on my vacation playlist! It’s a fun album, and I feel that it’s an album that stands out. It’s one of those albums that I honestly just can’t get enough of. I was recommending it to everyone after it came out because it’s one of those albums that I feel every needs to hear. Honestly all I can really say is I feel people should go give this album a listen because it’s really truly amazing! My favorite song is between “Let’s Get Married” and “Don’t Take the Money.” Listening to “Don’t Take the Money” was what really sold me on the fact that this was going to be a great album, and it’s honestly just a really good jam! My favorite lyrics from this album come from “Let’s Get Married,” and they are “I know it’s bad when we look out but bad, bad people don’t live in our house.”  I love that this album seems to have influences from older artists that I love, but at the same time it has it’s own sound. It’s just a refreshing album so go check it out because I think you may just really like it!

download (2)9. After Laughter by Paramore

Paramore has been one of those bands that I’ve loved for a long time, and they always impress me with their music. This album is such a jam, and I love it so much! The lyrics on this album are phenomenal. You know those albums you feel you can really relate to? Well this album is one of those albums for me! I just can’t get over the greatness of this album! It has that Paramore touch that all of their albums have, but it also has a slight new sound as well. I love the realness that I feel this album has. It’s another album that I feel shows a vulnerable side to the artist, and like I’ve said before I love when an artists isn’t afraid to share that with people. It’s a bit difficult to pick a favorite song because they’re all so good. My favorite song started as “Rose-Colored Boy,” but recently I’ve really been loving “Fake Happy.” There’s just so much truth to the lyrics, and I feel everyone can relate to them in some way. Also the music in the song is so good! My favorite lyrics are probably from “26” though. I love the lyrics “Hold on to hope if you got it don’t let it go for nobody they say that dreaming is free
but I wouldn’t care what it cost me.” I really love the lyrics to the entire song though so you can click here to see all the lyrics! This album is an absolute jam, and I absolutely can’t wait to see them perform songs from it in October! Go check this album out if you haven’t already because it’s really truly amazing!


10. From the Outside by Hey Violetdownload (3)

I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t always been a big Hey Violet fan. I liked their EP, but they just weren’t a band I listened to a whole lot. This album really sold me though, and now I can’t stop listening to it! It’s full of so many amazing jams, and it’s been the perfect album for car rides this summer. My sister and I have had a lot of fun jamming to it together. If you read last weeks post you’ll even notice that we got to see them do an acoustic performance, and also meet them a week or 2 ago thanks to Q100! I’ve really become a big fan of them with this album, and I’m just hoping they’ll do a show here in Georgia soon. It’s an album that makes you want to dance, and have fun. It also has those songs on it that I feel people can relate to. I also can’t go without saying that I absolutely love the aesthetic of this album from the sound of it to the videos they’ve come out with it. It’s overall a fun album that’s perfect for a great jam session. While I love all of the songs I think “O.D.D” has to be one of my favorites closely followed by “Hoodie.” My favorite lyrics come from “O.D.D” as well. “My sister, bless her heart
she was the only one who had my back when everyone else did not,” has to be my favorite lyrics from the album because my sister and I are super close, and so I really relate to that lyric a lot. Also I have to mention the song “Like Lovers Do” because I love the sound of it so much. It gives me a Pretty Little Liars theme song feel, and I’m absolutely loving it! Overall I really this album, and it’s really sold me on liking Hey Violet a lot.

Well there you have it, part 2 of my favorite albums. Here’s five more albums for you to go check out if you haven’t already! I still have so many albums to talk about because as I’ve said so many times already, the music scene is killing it this year. There’s so many new albums coming out that are just blowing me away. I think I’ve added 5 new albums to the list just this week, and we’re only in July! You can find all of these albums on the playlist I’ve made for my album reviews! You can click here to see the playlist, and be sure to follow it because I’ll be adding to it throughout the year! Also be sure to follow my Spotify account so that you can keep up with all the playlist I make for your listening enjoyment!

I hope everyone has an amazing week, and that you enjoy these new albums! I’d love to hear if you check out any of these albums so please let me know! Also what do you think should be on my list of albums to review? Let me know in the comments below! Also don’t forget to subscribe, and follow my blog so that you can get updated each time I post! If you’re on your phone than there should be a bar at the bottom of your screen, and if your on your computer then look to the right of your screen! Hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you next week!





*The pictures for the album covers are not mine. I got all of them off of Google!



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