Be Nice,and Pay Attention

Hello to all the lovely people out there! Do you know this is my 14th post? It’s kind of hard to believe if you ask me! I feel like I just posted for the first time a week ago! With that being said I feel I’ve posted enough times for it to be comfortable enough if I give a slight rant, right? Well, hopefully everyone agrees, and will bear with me while I talk about one of my pet peeves at concerts. Some may agree others may not, but I just have to talk about it!

You can ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I go to a lot of concerts. All I can say to that is I love concerts, they’re my happy place, and luckily most of my favorite bands have super cheap tickets. One thing I’ve noticed at a lot of shows though is that people like to talk, or spend a lot of time on their phones while bands they don’t know are performing. I was literally at a show last night where a lot of people were there for one of the opening acts, and to be honest I was one of those people. The thing is though is after they performed, half the crowd just went, and sat in the back, talked loudly, or stood there playing on their phones. They were waiting for the band they had come for to come out after the show so they could meet them. Once again I was waiting as well, but they literally gave no respect to the other bands. I’ve seen stuff like this happen at so many shows though! I get it, you may not know their songs or maybe they aren’t your favorite band, but honestly you can’t sway to the music or at least pay attention?

I guess I feel like everyone deserves a chance, and those bands are there to entertain just as much as the band you’re there for is, and it’s not fair to them.  Also talking loudly during the set is not only rude, but it’s annoying especially to the fans that really like that band. I hate when I go to a show, and people are talking while the band is performing/talking because it’s a distraction. You don’t want someone to interrupt you or talk over you so why should you do it to someone else? It’s like why even be at the show if you’re not even paying attention to the show. You never know you may put your phone down/stop talking, and realize that the artists performing is really good. You could end up becoming a big fan of them, but you’re so busy ignoring them that you miss out.

I’m sure some of you probably read this, and would absolutely agree. Then I’m sure there are others that are like wow you sound whiny. I know people can do what they want, but maybe next time you’re at a show think about the band performing. Just give them a chance, and maybe they aren’t a band you end up liking, that’s fine. I guess this is where the golden rule kind of comes in. You know the whole “treat others the way you want to be treated” rule? If you wouldn’t want someone ignoring you when you were doing something you love than maybe don’t ignore others.

I’ve honestly just had this thought run through my mind so many times, and felt like I had to share. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and I promise I won’t rant again next week! I’d love to know what your thoughts are on people not paying attention to artists? Or if you don’t really have an opinion maybe you may want to share what concerts you may have coming up? I’m seeing All Time Low tomorrow night, and I’m so excited!

Well I’ll talk to you all next week, and don’t forget to follow me on Spotify! I’ll hopefully have some new playlists coming for you soon, and I’m always adding stuff to the playlists I’ve already made! Go check it out, and let met know what I should add to my playlists! You can let me know on IG or Twitter (ashnouterspace)!

4 thoughts on “Be Nice,and Pay Attention

      1. Exactly!! Paying attention to bands can be so important because it could introduce you to your new favorite band!


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