“I Won’t Forget the Good Times”

An impressive lineup, energized crowd, splendid lighting and sound, great venue, and overall a magnificent summer night. I feel that’s the best way for me to describe All Time Low’s show in Atlanta in one sentence. It seems I say “that was the best show I’ve ever been to” a fair amount, but seriously this show is high up on my list of favorites. I’ve now seen ATL perform 3 times, and they just get better each time. I can’t wait to tell you a little more about their performance, but before I do I have to talk about the opening bands.


The Wrecks

The first of the 3 opening acts at the ATL show was a band called The Wrecks. I had listened to them a little bit before the show so I knew a few of their songs, and I was looking forward to seeing them. Their performance did not disappoint, and I honestly can’t recommend them enough! Left an even bigger fan of them, and I can’t wait to see them again. They put a lot of energy into their show, and I felt they did a phenomenal job of getting the crowd energized. I think it would be kind of cool to see them tour with the band Colony House. They have enough similarities, and it would be a fun show! If you’ve never heard of them you should click here, and give them a listen!



Next up on the lineup of bands is Waterparks. This was my second time seeing them, and they definitely put on an impressive show. The crowd seemed to have a good time during their show, and they continued in helping to get the crowd even more energized. I got the chance to meet Awsten and Geoff at the show, and they both were really nice. It’s always great when a band is really talented, but it’s even more impressive when they’re talented and nice. I didn’t meet Otto, but he seems like he’s really nice as well. It makes me want to support the band even more. I suggest you go give this band a listen, and you can click here to do just that!




The last of the opening bands was SWMRS! They had a few fun songs that I enjoyed! One thing I really enjoyed about this band though is that they took the time to thank security! They also had several really good things to say throughout their set! Jamming to their song “Miley” was really cool as well. They’re definitely a band that seems to stand out, and that’s pretty cool. If you want to go give them a listen then you can click here!!



All Time Low

Last but not least the headlining band, the band we all came for, and the band that really brought the energy All Time Low! The vocals, instrumentals, lighting, sound, and the band itself was extraordinary. I loved hearing some of the songs off of their new album along with older one’s as well. I danced, sang along, screamed, smiled, and cried throughout their performance. I honestly left that show happier than I had been in a while. This band is a band that truly seems to care about the experience people have at their shows. They were amazing at interacting with the fans whether they were barricade or in the back of the highest balcony. I always find it pleasant when a band interacts with those at the show, and it’s also impressive to me that they take the time to pick fans from the crowd to come on stage. I can’t even put into words how amazing they sound live though. If you ever get the chance to go see them live then take it! I can go on and on about everything that impresses me about this band because they do so much. I feel like I haven’t said as much about how amazing the music part of their show was as I should, but there’s honestly just so much I want to say when it comes to this band. All I can really truly say is that this is one of the greatest bands I’ve seen live, and that between their music and interaction with fans they put on one of the best concerts. I also got the chance to go to their signing before their show, and that was an amazing experience as well. It was nice because while there were a lot of people in line they still took the time to talk to me for a few seconds. While it went quickly I didn’t feel like they were trying to rush it, and it was just a nice feeling. Basically this is a band that I highly recommend you see live if you ever get the chance because I’m pretty sure they’ll blow you away. I most definitely plan to go and see them again one day, and I don’t intend to stop supporting them anytime soon. If you haven’t ever listened to All Time Low then you should click here

All of the bands at this show were impressive in their own way, and the Last Young Renegade Tour was definitely a tour I’ll never forget. In the words of All Time Low, “I won’t forget the good times.”

I can’t talk about this tour, and not mention the crowd though. I feel the crowd at a show can make a concert experience either really great or mediocre. The people at this show were some of the most amazing people I’ve ever enjoyed a show with. Everyone was so friendly, and they made sure to look out for the people around them. Not only were they really nice, but they also had the most infectious energy. The dancing, jumping, screaming, and loud voices blending together to sing along to the songs just really helped make the show. I wish the crowd was like that at every show I went to. I’m also going to give a quick shout out to the security that was at this show because they seemed to do an amazing job like always, and they were really courteous. I saw so many of them interacting with the people there, and just being friendly it was awesome!

I hope everyone had an amazing week last week, and I’m sorry that this post is so late. I also hope that everyone is having a good week, and continues to have a good week! I have every intention of having another post up on Friday as well so it’s a double post week! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Last Young Renegade, and I hope if you went that you also had an amazing experience! Has anyone else been to a show where you were blown away by the kindness shown by the crowd or security? Or maybe you have an experience of a bands live show blowing you away? I’d love to hear from you so be sure to comment below or you can talk to me on Twitter or Instagram!

More pictures from the show:

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3 thoughts on ““I Won’t Forget the Good Times”

  1. I really liked Waterparks and All Time Low. It was great that all the guys in Waterparks went out and met fans afterwards and were so attentive to each fan (especially Geoff). Awsten’s picture with you cracks me up.


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