Music and Chill

The rain is pouring down, you’re holding a cup of (insert favorite hot drink here), you’re cuddled up with your favorite blanket, the over head lights are off, lamps are on, candles are burning, and music is playing.

I don’t know about you, but the sentence above describes one of my favorite types of days. There are several different types of day’s where a nice chill playlist comes in handy though. I also love listening to one while doing a face mask, reading a book, watching my star projector, and more. Slower soft music also seems to come in handy as background music at a get together as well. Basically a compilation of mellow songs is almost a necessity in life.

Maybe reading this has made you think of your favorite relaxing playlist. Some of you are reading this, and probably realizing that you don’t have one. No worries! I’ve made a new playlist called Music and Chill, and it’s full of some of my favorites. It has over 8 hours of music on it, and I’m adding to it all the time.

You may look at the above playlist, and find it’s not the right one for you. Once again, no worries! Spotify has plenty of already made playlists that are perfect for a chill day/night! I’ll add some below for you to check out! If none of those are right for you than be sure to go to Spotify’s browse section, go to the activities/mood section, and then finally click on the chill section for more playlist options.

Spotify Playlists:
Your Favorite Coffeehouse -a Singer-Songwriter style

License to Chill-Alt-rock

Chillin’ on a Dirt Road-Country

Hopefully one of the playlists mentioned in this post will be one that you will come to love. You can click on any of the titles of the playlist, and it will take you to them so you can immediately start listening. Also make sure you’re following me on Spotify so that you can check out my latest playlist, and also check out all the others I’ve made. There will be plenty of more playlists made in the future as well so follow me so you don’t miss out! Hope everyone had an amazing week, and can now use the weekend as a time to chill some! Maybe you’ll get a chance to use one of these playlists for some weekend relaxation! I’d love to hear what your favorite chill album/song/artist is! Comment below or hit me up on social media so that I can know what else I should add! See you next week!

Also I just made a new Pinterest page so be sure to go follow me! I have a few boards up already, and there will be more made as time goes on!

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