“You’re big, You’re loud, You’re tough NYC”

NYC, the city that never sleeps, and the city that I fell in love with the moment I got there. The smells, sounds, food, sights, all the different languages, the history, and more. There’s just so much to love about that city, and I can’t wait to hopefully go back again one day! In just a few days, I was able to check off so many things off of my list of things I want to see in my life. It was truly an amazing trip that I’ll never forget. It was even greater that I got to go on the trip with some super amazing people. I’m so thankful for my aunt and uncle taking my sister and I to NYC, and showing us so much of it.

We saw so much in the few days that we were there, and I thought I’d tell you a little about it all.

The first night we were there we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel. The taxi ride was an adventure in itself. Driving there is definitely a lot different than driving in Georgia. After arriving at our hotel, we dropped our bags off and headed to Times Square. I knew it would be cool, but honestly it was cooler than I ever expected. It was amazing to see so many people still out and about at midnight. That night was also the night I had $1 pizza for the first time. It was so good, and we ended up having it every night we were there. I still think about it every night now that I’m home, and wish I had a $1 pizza place down the street from my house. It was a great way to start the trip, and I couldn’t wait for the next day to see more.

We started our first full day in New York by going to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I couldn’t help but think of all of those who came by boat to America years ago, and what their thoughts were when they got their first glimpse of New York. You could almost feel the history in those places, and it was an amazing experience. After visiting there we headed over to see the fountains for the Twin Towers, and went to the 9/11 museum. I was only five when the towers fell, but I remember the day it happened clearly. It was really sad to see all of that, and to think of the horror the people that were there experienced on that sad day. We went to the top of the One World Trade Center afterwards, which I think was the perfect follow up. It showed rebuilding, hope, and strength in my opinion. It was also really cool just to get a chance to see New York at night from the top of the building. The view was incredible, and it just made me love NYC even more.

We spent the majority of the second full day at the Museum of Natural History, which was fascinating. After spending a few hours there we had lunch from Shake Shack, and ate in Central Park. We visited both Turtle Pond and Belvedere Castle after lunch. I’d never seen so many Turtle’s in one spot before, and I think I could’ve sat and watched the little guy’s all day. The castle was really cool too, and gave a pretty awesome view of the city. It was around this time though that the shoes I brought to wear on the trip decided to bite the dust. The soles were flopping around, and therefore they were done for. Which led to a quick stop at DSW for some new shoes to wear. We ended the second day with one of the things I was most looking forward to, a Broadway play. The next stop was the Gershwin Theatre to see Wicked. It was so amazing, and it brought tears to my eyes. I had always hoped I’d get to see that play one day, and it was even better than I imagined. I finally got to see “Popular” and “Defying Gravity’ performed live. It was a beautiful production, and the cast was amazing. If you’re ever in New York, and get the chance to go see it, you should. I highly recommend Wicked, and think it’s a must see play.

The next day was spent visiting the High Line, which I was really excited for. I think it’s so cool that they took something that was no longer being used, and made it into something useful. It’s a great place to walk, and has a lot of great views along the way. We went back to Central Park after the High Line. We went to see the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the fountain/bridge that’s in Home Alone, and the Balto Statue. We were also over by the Central Park Zoo just in time for bells to chime, and the statue animals by the clock to move around. Not going to lie it was a little creepy, and we all agreed it would be the perfect thing to use in a horror movie. We ended this night with a trip to the Empire State Building, to get one more amazing view of New York. It was really cool, but I think One World Trade center was my favorite of the two buildings.

The last day in New York was a bittersweet day. I was so sad to leave, but I was exhausted. Who knew you could do so much in less than a week? We kept it pretty chill that day, but we did make one last trip to Times Square. I had to go to SuperDry to get a super amazing sweatshirt before leaving, and I got a chance to check out the amazing Forever 21. After all that we headed back to the airport to head back to home to Georgia.

The days in New York were some really amazing days, and I hope to be able to go back again one day. I also can’t write this post and not mention the amazing food we had while we were there. Shake Shack, Pret, Baked by Melissa, Cafe Grumpy, $1 Pizza, and more. They were all amazing, and I could really go for a Cafe Grumpy coffee and pizza right now. Then maybe some cupcakes to follow after that. All I know is don’t drink a milkshake then do a lot of walking because you’ll feel really sick afterwards. New York is an amazing place, filled with amazing things, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

If you’re interested to see my New York Playlist click here!

Also if you’d like to see some pics from the trip here they are:

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