Julien Baker

If you’ve been reading my posts recently then you know I’ve been to quite a few concerts in the past couple of weeks! My last post talked about the amazing Paramore show I went to, and this week I want to tell you about seeing another one of my favorite artists. This posts is kind of a concert review/album review/people to check out kind of post! Earlier this year I heard of the amazing Julien Baker for the first time, and got the chance to see her open for The Decemberists at the Fox Theatre. She has one of those voices that just gives you goosebumps, and it just makes you want to hear more.

A couple of weeks ago, she came back through Atlanta on her own tour (we were the first stop on the tour), and played at the Masquerade. For those who’ve never been it’s a smaller venue, and so it was a very intimate kind of show. Those are always some of my favorites, and this one in particular is high on the list of favorite intimate shows. She had some really amazing bands open for her, which if you get the chance you should also check them out! Bitter was the first band to perform, and they’re a local Atlanta band. I always love finding out about local bands so I was excited to see them! Next up was Half Waif, and they’re performance was also really amazing.

Julien ended the night with a fantastic performance with a mixture of songs from her 1st album, and her latest album. It was mostly just her singing while either playing the guitar or keyboard, and Camille Faulkner also came out to play violin at times. The stage was setup fairly simple with the addition of a few lights. I feel the setup really helped make it seem even more intimate by giving it a warm and cozy kind of vibe. I love every song Julien sings, and so I was pleased with the set list she had. I was really excited that she performed one of my absolute favorite’s “Rejoice.” One of my favorite things about Julien Baker is that you feel the emotion when she’s singing. She also just has a beautiful way of writing her lyrics. Basically everything about her musical performance was perfect, and I definitely recommend that you go see her if you ever get the chance.

The way Julien engaged the crowd was really awesome as well. She talked to the crowd, and joked back and forth with a few people as well. It was nice to see an artist take time to notice those who were there to see them. It really helped add to the enjoyment of the night.

As previously said, this is also an album review post. Turn Out the Lights was released on October 27 of this year. I was really looking forward to this album, and the songs she released early made my excitement grow.  “Appointments” and “Turn Out the Lights” were the two songs to get released early, and I found both of them to be impressing. After listening to the album multiple times, I believe that “Shadowboxing” is my favorite off of the new album. I love the lyrics, “When you watch me throwing punches at the devil It just looks like I’m fighting with me.” The album is most definitely what I would call a solid album, and I look forward to listening to it over and over again.

Julien Baker is an artist that I highly suggest you check out because she has a beautiful raw way of presenting her emotions through song. She has songs that I feel most people can probably relate to in some way. If you’re interested in checking her out, I’ve added her to both my Favorite Albums of 2017 and People to Check Out playlists on Spotify. You can also find her Spotify profile here! If you find you really like her stuff then go buy her albums! You should be able to easily find it on iTunes or off of Matador Records website.

I hope you all go give Julien a listen, and that you’ll find her as impressive as I do! If you’ve been reading my posts or follow me on social media, you know that life has been a bit hectic recently. With that being said, I plan to have a new post up next week, but I also have several school projects due. School comes first so if I can get all of that done then I will have a new post up for everyone next weekend!

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