Christmas Time is Here

17 DAYS! That’s right it’s 17 days until Santa comes to town! Are you ready? I know I am! Christmas time is one of my favorite times of year for so many reasons! It’s such an exciting time filled with family, food, giving and receiving presents, beautiful lights and decorations, amazing music, and most importantly it’s when we acknowledge Jesus’ birth. I’ve really gotten into decorating this year, and so it was even more exciting to decorate the house.

For Thanksgiving I shared some things I was thankful for, and I thought for Christmas I could share one of my favorite Christmas gifts along with a playlist filled with my favorite Christmas songs, and finish it off with some pictures of my Christmas decor this year. I’m currently listening to the playlist I’ve made, and it’s playing Michael Bublé’s version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” I’ve got the fire going, the tree lit, a cup of hot chocolate, and I’m looking out at the winter wonderland that Georgia is right now. Which means I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit, and it makes me feel pretty happy.

When I think about Christmas gifts I can think of several that really stand out that I have loved over the years. My favorite gift’s are the gifts that require thought from the gift giver. I love those because they’re from the heart, and it doesn’t seem like a last minute thought. Right now, I can think of one gift in particular I want to share though. It’s been a while ago, but I can remember how I felt when receiving this one gift. My granddaddy gave my sister and I a coloring book and crayons one year for Christmas. He told us he wanted to give us that because it’s one of the things his parents gave him every year when he was growing up. The thought of it still gives me a warm feeling inside. The fact that he put the thought into it, and wanted to do something like that makes me happy. It honestly will probably always be considered my favorite gift because it was really truly from the heart.

Christmas music is something that I feel I could listen to all year! I love it, and I’m one of those people that others gripe about because I start playing it super early! There’s just so many amazing albums out there, and I need time to be able to listen to them all! It’s not possible to do it if you only listen to Christmas music in December. The music also just brings me peace and happiness. Not long ago, I talked to someone who said they kept a Christmas CD in their car all year long so that when they were feeling stressed they could play it. I can completely relate to that because something about it really does seem to just bring happiness. Obviously if you check out my Christmas playlist, which you can find on Spotify and Google Music, you can see many of my favorite albums/songs. I’d also like to include my top 5 favorite songs of the Christmas season.

  1. “Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  2.  “Do they know it’s Christmas?
  3.  “Mary Did You Know?”
  4. “O Come O Come Emmanuel”
  5. “Baby Boy”

As I’ve already said a few times I really love Christmas, and it’s my favorite time of year. I just thinks it’s a lovely time, and I get really excited about picking out gifts for my favorite people. As I said earlier, I love decorating, and so I’ve included some pictures below of some of my Christmas decor. I’m also super pumped about God’s Christmas decor today so I thought I’d share a few of my snow pictures as well! I hope you’ll check out the Christmas playlist I’ve made, and find some new songs you love along with old favorites. I’d also love to hear from you so comment below with your favorite Christmas album/song, present, or just something else you love about Christmas!

Spotify Christmas Playlist: Christmas Time is Here 

Google Music Christmas Playlist:Christmas Time is Here

Christmas Decor 

God’s Snow Decor



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