2017 has come to an end, and that seems so weird to say seeing as it feels like it just started. Time definitely flew by, but in that time so many lasting memories were made. Some memories were great, while others are one’s I’d love to forget. Overall though, this year was actually pretty good for me. I started this blog, and I also got the chance to check some things off of my Dream list. I can now officially say I’ve been to a concert in another state, and that I’ve been to NYC! In my opinion, this year was also an amazing year for music. It was a year filled with amazing new albums, amazing concerts, and a year of getting to meet some of my favorite people behind the music.

I originally started talking about my favorite albums of the year in separate posts, but it seemed like a new amazing album was coming out every week. It became difficult to keep up with all the greatness coming out. I then decided to share all my favorite albums of the year at one time at the very end of the year. So now here we are at the end of the year, and I’ve made a list of all my favorite albums. This list is no particular order, it’s just a list of all the albums I couldn’t get enough of!

Favorite Albums of 2017: Spotify and Google Play


It was really awesome to also get to see a lot of those above albums performed live this year. I saw 11 of the 30 artists this year, and they were all truly amazing. They took their already amazing albums, and brought them to life in the most beautiful way. I also met 5 of the 30 artists, and it was nice to see that they’re as nice and amazing as their music is. It’s always great to experience your favorite songs live surrounded by other people who love those songs, and it’s even greater to get to thank the artists for their songs. So it was really truly an amazing year for live music, and I’ve already got several shows lined up for 2018. Right now I’ll be seeing 4 of the above artists in the new year, and it’s super exciting to be able to carry these amazing albums on into the next year. It will also be great to add on new albums to the list as 2018 begins.

I’m really thankful for the things I got to do this year! I’m even thankful for the difficult times because those moments helped me to learn and grow. Overall I liked 2017 a lot, but I’m ready for all that 2018 brings with it. My goals for the new year are to read, write, and learn more, to continue this blog, and to check more things off of my dream list. I hope you all had memories that you’re thankful for this year, and that you can make more in the new year! What was your favorite album of the year or maybe you had a favorite concert? I’d love to hear all about it! Comment Below! Happy New Year everyone! Goodbye 2017, and hello 2018!

2017 Concerts:

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