Starting the concert year right!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, and I apologize. I’ve been trying to get my schedule balanced out now that school is back in full swing. I did something pretty exciting during the time that I was away though. I went to my first concert of 2018, and it was pretty amazing. The lineup was full of some of my favorite bands, and I couldn’t think of any other way I would’ve wanted to start the 2018 concert year. I can’t wait to share a little about the show with you, and so with that let’s get started!

Speak Low if You Speak Love

If you can remember back to a few posts ago, I mentioned there were a couple of albums that I was looking forward to this year. Speak Low’s album was one of those albums that I couldn’t wait for. It was definitely worth the wait because Nearsighted is an amazing album, that I highly recommend. I love the chill sound that Speak Low has along with the honesty their lyrics contain. Their set was slightly slower than the other bands that performed, but it was just as great. They hold a charisma that makes you wish they’d just keep performing. Definitely hope that they come back to Atlanta soon!

You can check out a Speak Low song here:


I finally got to see a Creeper set from start to finish. The last time they were in Atlanta it started to rain, and the set ended early. We ended up moving from the seats to the floor just so we could dance during the Creeper set. They’re so into the music during their set, and have so much energy.  You definitely can feel their passion for what they do, and I had so much fun during their set.

You can check out a Creeper song here:


I liked Seaway before seeing them live, but their set made me love them even more. They’re so much fun! Jamming to “London”, “Lula on the Beach”, and more was a blast! Their set got the crowd even more pumped up before the final act, and was packed full of energy! I definitely hope to see them again soon! Also I really want the lead singers flowery jacket!

You can check out a Seaway song here:

Neck Deep

Now for the finale, the headliner of the tour, and the band we came for, Neck Deep! I’d seen them perform 3-4 times, but I’d never seen them on their own tour. If you want to go to a show full of energy then their shows are where you need to be. I don’t feel like the crowd stopped going once during their set. The band had just as much energy if not more throughout their set. It was an enjoyable time, and their songs are so much fun to jam to! You can tell that they not only care about their music, but they also really care about their fans. They let two of their young fans come up and stand side stage so that they could enjoy the show, which I thought was really nice of them. They’re a really cool band that I admire even more after their set. They said not to miss them because they’d be back soon, and so I’m hoping that it’s true!!

You can check out a Neck Deep song here:

Overall it was a fun and energetic show that I really truly loved. It was full of so many amazingly talented bands that I only grew to love more. I’m so glad that it was the show to start off the 2018 concert year, and it’s got me excited for all the other shows I’m going to this year. Hope everyone has an amazing week! I plan to have a second post up later this week, and it will include one of the bands mentioned in this post! Also Neck Deep still has some dates left on their current tour so if you’re interested in seeing if they’re coming anywhere near you then click here.


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