End it Movement

It’s February 22, which means it’s End it Movement day! If you’re confused on what that means exactly it’s a day that people bring attention to the fact that slavery is still very much a thing. Sex Trafficking is unfortunately still going on daily. It’s not something we can just turn away from. On End it Movement day you’ll most likely see a good bit of people with red X’s on their hands to bring attention to it. Obviously a red X doesn’t seem like a majorly helpful thing, but it’s a start. It helps get word out there that this is still happening, and that it’s up to us to try to help put a stop to this. You may be wondering how you can help? I know I did for a while myself, but I’ve found that for now I can spread the word and donate to places that are fighting the fight. There are a couple of organizations that are in the fight, but they need funds to keep going. I’m going to share a few that I keep up with, and I encourage you to get involved. There are people that need us, and we can NOT ignore them!

End it Movement

This is the movement that I first found out about, and it was the first time I’d ever heard of Sex Trafficking. I was heartbroken over it, and have been passionate about the fight ever since. They share so much information about what’s going on, and they’re such an amazing organization that you should go check out!


The Justice Brand

I love this company so much! They are a company working to help women who have experienced sex trafficking. They offer volunteer work to these women to help them get on their feet, give them hope, and a future. You can purchase items off of their website to help support a company helping others, and also to support those women. They sell bags, scarves, candles, and more! They’re all super cute and nice too! I have several bags, and they’re amazing!



I found out about IJM from one of my favorite music duos Jenny and Tyler. This is an organization that goes in, and rescues people. They’re constantly posting about rescues that have occurred, and it always makes me happy to see more and more people being brought out of the disastrous world of sex trafficking.


Fight the New Drug

This is an organization that fights against porn. They have brought attention to the fact that porn and sex trafficking go hand in hand. They have article after article about people who were sex trafficked, and were forced to make porn. Their movement is also an important one to look into in my opinion because they have so many statistics about how detrimental porn is to society.


Jenny and Tyler

Jenny and Tyler are a husband and wife duo who have some amazing music. They have an album out where all the funds went to the fight against sex trafficking. If you’re interested in checking the album out it’s called For Freedom II, and it’s phenomenal.



This is a movie and book by the brothers in For King and Country. It’s the story of a woman who is sold into the sex trafficking industry, and how she is rescued. They also released a song for the movie called Priceless. This movie gives a small insight to the horrendous world of sex trafficking, and shows just why it needs to end. They also have a website that I’m including below that shares info on ways to get involved. A page is included on the website that’s shares organizations in your state that are working to help in the fight.


These are the main organizations that I follow that are a part of the movement. They’re all trying to do major things to put a stop to the despicable act of sex trafficking. As previously said I highly encourage you to get involved in some way. You can donate, spread the word, and support companies like the Justice Brand (who doesn’t need a great bag?). It’s not hard to do at least one of those things. Let’s stop acting like this isn’t happening on a daily basis, and say enough is enough. No one deserves to go through something like sex trafficking!


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