The Man In Black

It’s February 26th!!! That means it’s Johnny Cash’s 86th birthday, which also means it’s my favorite artist’s birthday! If you follow my Instagram or personally know me then you may know that I LOVE Johnny Cash. If you don’t follow me or know me then you now know that I really love Johnny Cash. He’s truly an amazing artist, and while I know he’s had quite a popularity I still feel that he’s very much underrated. His music is brilliant, but I love him just as much for the person he seemed to be.

With today being the Man in Black’s birthday, I thought I’d list a few of the many reasons I love and admire Johnny Cash:

  • He was a strong Christian.
  • My favorite song is “Man in Black”
  • I love the fact that he was so unapologetic about who he was, and what he did in life. He made mistakes, but he owned up to them. I recently read his autobiography, and he openly talked about his struggle with drugs. I admire that about him because it often seems like people who are in the spotlight normally like to try to seem like they’re are perfect, and he wasn’t like that.
  • As a performer he always wore black, and I just find that epic!
  • From what I’ve read about him it seems that he never abandoned his roots, which I feel is really important. I appreciate someone who always remembers where they’re from.
  • The Highway Men. That was seriously such an amazing group, and I’ve watched their TV concert too many times to count! I wish I could’ve seen them all perform together live!
  • Obviously he was a good songwriter, but he was also just an amazing writer in general. As I already mentioned, I read his autobiography and I couldn’t put it down because his writing is so enchanting. His poetry book “Forever Words” is also really amazing! I’m so excited to hear those poems put to song by other artists soon!
  • His prison shows! He went into prisons, and that’s something I’ve never really heard of any other artist doing! By doing that he inspired others to pursue music, and he gave some of the hopeless hope.
  • His relationship with June! Obviously their relationship wasn’t perfect because no one’s is, but they were still such a cute couple!

Honestly the list of things I love about Johnny Cash could go on and on because in my opinion he’s truly an impressive person. He’s towards the top of the list on people who inspire me, and the more I learn about him the higher he goes on that list. I wish I could’ve gotten the chance to see him perform live because I feel that would’ve been one amazing show. So Happy Birthday to the Man in Black, Johnny Cash! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person, and for making amazing music! I’ll forever appreciate all that you did!

2 thoughts on “The Man In Black

  1. Wow, that made me feel kind of emotional! He really is a legend and I think he would be excited to know his music is still inspiring people. He’s responsible for Merle Haggard becoming MERLE HAGGARD! That’s a big deal!!!

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