We’ve almost made it through a full week of dealing with the time change. I’m not sure about you, but it’s worn me out. Luckily, I finished all of my school work yesterday and don’t have work today so I’m taking it easy. It’s also almost been a week since I went to Nashville as well. I can’t have a blog where I spend majority of my time talking about music, and not talk about visiting music city.

I’ve wanted to visit Nashville, Tennessee for such a long time, and it did not disappoint. It’s a beautiful and lively city that is literally filled with music. I knew that people said music plays a large role there (obviously or it wouldn’t be called music city), but I don’t think you can fully grasp the large music role until you’re there. Literally every restaurant seemed to have an amazing live band playing. You could hear many genres of music being played as well. It was absolutely beautiful, and honestly I was ready to move there after just walking down the street once.

Since the moment we left I’ve been daydreaming about the idea of living there. I love the idea of being able to live in a place that constantly has music acts performing. A place where music is constantly being supported, and loved. It definitely stole a bit of my heart, and I can’t wait to be back there.

While I adore the music scene there, we had another reason for being in Nashville. That reason was the amazing Nashville Predators! I’ve really grown to love and have an appreciation for hockey. I find it a really beautiful sport to watch, and I love how it is fast paced as well. It was my first time at a Pred’s game, and it was so much fun. We got to watch the warmup’s right at the glass, and it was so fascinating to watch. It amazes me how fast they skate, and how fast they can pass the puck. My clumsy self could definitely not move that fast on skates. Another fascinating aspect to the game is that the crowds are so into it, and the chants they have are really quite enjoyable. My time at the game just further sold the idea of wanting to move to Nashville! I’d love to live close where I could be at games more often. There’s something so stress relieving about being at a stressful hockey game. Getting to scream, cheer, and be on the edge of your seat for a bit is just just so exhilarating. The Pred’s lost the game, but honestly they played so well that I can’t be upset over it. Also they beat the Jet’s in the game after ours, which just makes it even better. I’d gladly take our loss, for that win!

Overall, I had such an amazing experience in Nashville, and I absolutely adore the city. I definitely understand why so many people talk about the city with adoration. I love the support and love of music there, and the hockey is pretty amazing as well. I felt like it was the perfect place for me, and I could for sure picture myself being extremely happy there. Also they have a Johnny Cash museum, and if that doesn’t make it more perfect for me than I don’t know what does. All it took was seeing the Johnny Cash sign, and I immediately teared up. You better bet I spent more than I probably should have in that souvenir store! I’ll have to got back to view the museum, but honestly just seeing something like that in appreciation of one of my favorite musicians is heartwarming. I’m so glad I had the chance to experience all the things I did while there, and I’m so glad I got to do it with some of my favorite people as well! I definitely think if you haven’t ever been, and you get the chance to go then you should most definitely take it!

Here’s some pics from our time there! Also I’m fully aware that majority of the pictures I have of the players include PK Subban in them, but he’s my favorite so I have no regrets:

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