I’m feeling 22

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22.” It’s what I’ve been singing since Sunday as I started my birthday week! I’ve been waiting for years to get to use that as my birthday song, and now that I can I’m pumped! I LOVE birthday’s so much! I think the celebrations (especially the food/cake part) are the best, and as soon as March 1st hits I’m normally ready to get the bday festivities rolling!!

One of my favorite parts about my bday is that I love to use it as a time to reflect on my life. I like to see how I’ve grown as a person, and think about the things I’ve learned. It’s amazing how much a person can change and learn over the years, and I think it’s important to take time to think about it all! I decided that since I’m turning 22 I’d share 22 things I’ve learned that have helped to shape who I am! Some are serious and some are fun, but they all play a role in my life! A few of my thoughts on different matters are a bit long, but I found it hard to not put it all out there! I’ve made the main thoughts bolder than the rest if you’d rather have a quicker read! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Sometimes you just need to go buy cake, even if it isn’t a special occasion!

    • I’ve found that cake just seems to help me get through a tough week sometimes! I thought this was fitting to start off with since it is my birthday!
  2. Enjoy every moment of life, and try to look on the bright side of tough times!

    • I know that’s easier said than done, and I know that it’s so EASY to complain about the rough stuff in life! I still complain about stuff too often, but always try to remind yourself of the good parts! It makes the whole situation a bit easier, and it really seems to help your mindset in life.
  3. Don’t take for granted the time you get with the people you love!

    • You’re not promised tomorrow, and you never know what may happen so make sure the one’s you love know that you love them!
  4.  Give to others!!

    •  It’s fun to receive things! I’m celebrating my bday, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about gifts I may receive! As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve realized that giving can be so much more gratifying. Whether it’s your time, money, items (clothes, food, blankets, etc), or even just a smile or hello. Take the time to do those things because life’s short, and putting a smile on someone else’s face can be the best feeling in the world.
  5. Hockey is a fantastic sport!

    • It’s seriously so much fun to watch! It’s fast pace, there’s action, it’s also really graceful at the same time! The sport is just so beautiful, and I can’t seem to get enough of it! (Go Preds!)
  6. You do NOT have to be in a relationship to be happy!

    • Fun Fact: I’ve been single for 22 years (aka my entire life)! That’s totally fine, and it doesn’t bother me! It weirdly seems to bother other people though. I’ve had people ask if I’m dating anyone, and when I say no I’m met with the remark “that’s so sad.” It’s really not though! Obviously being in a relationship can make you happy, but a relationship shouldn’t be the source of your happiness. I know there is a lot of pressure out there to be in a relationship, but don’t think that you have to be in one to be happy or successful in life!
  7. Stop putting off that thing you really want to do!

    • Obviously there are some things in life you want to do that you just can’t do at the moment. Don’t put off the things that you can do though! For instance, last year at this time I wanted to start a blog. I kept putting it off  because I told myself I wasn’t good enough, and that I wasn’t ready. It was all an excuse though because honestly I was scared of the idea of putting myself out there in that way. Here we are a year later, and I’m about to celebrate a year of having a blog! I’m not the best out there, and I’m still learning a lot! You have to start somewhere though! I still have a lot that I want to improve on, but I can look back and see that I’ve grown a lot since then.
  8. Treat yourself!!

    • I know this is similar to the idea of buying cake because you can, but I feel it’s important to mention separately. I’m not saying go drop $100 or more every week on something. What I am saying is that life can be difficult, and sometimes an incentive makes life a little more enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be anything big to make your week better. Sometimes it’s sitting down to watch your favorite show, taking a walk, enjoying a cup of coffee, doing a face mask, hanging with friends or family, eating your favorite meal, or getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Then there are other times that it may be buying concert tickets, shoes, clothes, technology, or something else that may cost you a bit. Just take the time to do something for yourself every once in a while!
  9. Be kind.

    • Kindness goes a long way! The world we live in sometimes seems to lack kindness. I know sometimes it seems that people have forgotten what that means. Then one of those sweet stories that makes you feel all warm inside pops up and you’re reminded that there are still some nice people in the world. Be one of those people that you hear about! I’m not saying do it for recognition or anything like that, but what I am saying is make it more common to hear about kind things. Sometimes it can start with just one person saying something nice.
  10. People are watching.

    • Something I’ve learned over the years is that people are watching what you do. It doesn’t matter if they’re younger than you, the same age as you, or older. It’s made me aware that I need to strive to be the best that I can be. I’m one of those people that watches others so that I can learn from them. Some people teach me things that I should do in my life, and others teach me things that I should NOT do in my life. I always try to keep that in mind when because I want to be someone who inspires others in a good way. Unfortunately I’m not always that person, but I try to recognize when I’m not and keep in mind to do better next time.
  11. Do your own research!!!!!!

    • Information is EVERYWHERE! I don’t know about you, but I’m bombarded on a daily basis with all kind’s of crazy info. Sometimes it’s very obvious on whether it’s true or not, but other times it’s really hard to tell! So research things! Not only does it help give you a better understanding of a situation, but it also helps you to grow as a person! It also can actually be a lot of fun sometimes!
  12. There is a song/album/playlist for basically everything!

    • You want music for your mood? It’s there! Music for an activity? It’s also there! How about music about Gummy Bears, Foxes, Waffles, or Ducks visiting Lemonade Stands? Yep, that’s right it’s there! If you haven’t already been able to tell, I really love music! I’ve heard people say quite often that music has greatly impacted their life, and I absolutely relate to that! I’m constantly turning to music during different situations in life, and I’ve honestly learned so much in life from different songs/albums.
  13. Johnny Cash was a brilliant person!!

    • If you couldn’t tell by some of my most recent posts like The Man In Black or My Style: Band Tee Edition, I really like Johnny Cash. It’s not just his music I love. It’s him as a person! Obviously I never got to personally meet him, but everything I’ve read or heard about him has just made me like him more. Honestly you probably don’t want to get me started on how much I admire Johnny Cash because that’s a conversation that could possibly never end.
  14. Quality is better than quantity.

    • To be honest, I used to worry about the fact that I didn’t have a really large group of friends. I had other friends who were constantly surrounded by people. Which is great for them! I’m not saying they had low quality friends or anything so please don’t take it that way! What I realized for myself though is that instead of trying to get to a certain amount of friends I should just make sure the friends in my life are good ones. If you focus on having a specific number you’re most likely going to find yourself with trouble. 1. You’re more likely to be friends with people who maybe aren’t what you need in your life, and 2. you’ll get to that amount you thought you needed and then feel that you need more. I realized I’m more comfortable only having a small amount anyway. The number isn’t important at all to be honest. It’s about how that friend treats you, and about growing the friendships you already have.
  15. You do not have to let someone back into your life just because you forgave them!

    • I think this is one of those things that people hear, but don’t always get. Or at least that’s how it was for me. Forgiving people can be really tough sometimes. Especially if you feel that when you forgive them you have to let them back in. So I’m here to tell you right now that forgiveness does not mean you have to go back to being close to that person. You can forgive a person, and not have anything to do with them afterwards. If you can work things out to being able to be in each others lives again then that’s great. Just know that it doesn’t have to be that way though.
  16. Try new foods!

    • I’ve always enjoyed trying new foods, and I don’t think I’d say I’ve ever really been a pick eater. Sure there are things I don’t like, but I’ll almost always try to give something a chance. There are many foods that I was hesitant to try, but then when I did try it I ended up loving it! So take a chance, try something new! You may be really glad you did or you may hate that you did! Either way it’s a learning experience!
  17. Pets are the best!

    • Honestly one of the best feelings is coming home, and seeing your pets waiting at the door or the fence. It’s also a great feeling when they come running up to you or cuddle up in your lap. It can turn a bad day into a great day or a great day into an even better day! Also I can say from experience, for those that maybe can’t have a cat or dog, that fish are also great pets! I used to enjoy walking into my room to see my fish swimming around, and then watching it come flying up to the top of the water when I’d put food in the bowl.
  18. Listen to your parents/guardians/mentors!

    • I’ve always been one that has tried to soak up as much as I can from my parents and other adults in my life. They have so much that they can teach you if you’ll just listen or pay attention to how they live their lives. I know that things they encountered through their childhood or teens may have been slightly different, but overall they experienced a lot of the same things that you do. There’s a lot that the people investing in your life can teach you, and so please just take a moment to listen. You may be really glad that you did!
  19. This is a note to siblings:

    • I don’t really remember my reaction when I found out that I was going to be an older sibling because I was pretty young. What I do know is that for the most part I’ve always taken that role pretty seriously. I realized pretty quickly that younger siblings watch and learn a lot by what you do. I’ve always tried my best to be a good older sister, and I plan to always strive for that for the rest of my life. There’s a lot of people that come and go in life, and I feel that everyone needs that one constant person. Why not be your siblings constant? I want my younger sister to know I’m there for her no matter what, and that I actually care about what’s going on in her life. I’ve honestly learned a lot from my sister as well. She’s taught me a lot, and I hope that maybe I’ve at least taught her a thing or two. I just think it’s important to have your siblings back. So if you have a sibling, and you’re reading this then maybe take the time to think about the relationship you share with them. If it’s not where you want it to be then see what can be done to try to make it better.
  20. Stop and listen!!!

    • One of my favorite quotes is “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”― Stephen R. Covey                     People are not always going to agree on everything, which is perfectly fine. The problem I’ve noticed a lot of the time though is that everyone thinks they’re right, and they won’t take the time to listen to what others have to say. They’ll only “listen” to think of how they’re going to respond. Many don’t want to take the time to try to at least understand what the other is trying to say. I feel it’s one of those things that has ended up causing a lot of problems in today’s world. If we’d all just stop and listen to others sometimes then maybe we’d realize that we have more in common than not. You don’t always have to agree on something because that’s honestly just not realistic. You can try to understand where the other person is coming from though, and possibly come to some type of agreement even if it’s just to agree to disagree. I’ve learned that you can really grow as a person when you take the time to listen to someone else’s thought’s on a matter.
  21. Step away from the internet!

    • The internet is so accessible nowadays, which is great and not so great all at the same time. I love that I can pull out my phone and check social media sites, my email, and more. There’s so much that I like about the internet, but what I dislike is sometimes it takes too up too much of my time. I’ve tried to do better this year about stepping away sometimes. I still spend too much time on it, but I’ve gotten a bit better. It’s honestly so nice to take a break from it even if it is just an hour or so a day. I was amazed at how many things I had stopped doing because of how much I was on the internet. I love reading, writing in my writing prompt, listening to records, playing my violin, and more. I stopped doing a lot of those things though because I was “too busy.” So I encourage you too try to cut back some, and you may realize that you stopped doing other things you once enjoyed because the internet dominated your life.
  22. The final thing I want to leave you with is that it doesn’t matter what age you are no one has it all together!!

    • I don’t say this to bum you out, but instead to be an encouragement. I remember when I was younger I would think that I couldn’t wait to be a certain age because when I would get to that age my life would be perfectly put together. NEWS FLASH! It doesn’t work that way unfortunately! Life is full of changes, and you’re constantly learning new things. Life is an adventure, sometimes it goes smoothly, and sometimes it doesn’t. It would be great to have everything figured out, but at the same time it would be pretty boring! Just know that if you feel like you’re overwhelmed by life or that you have no idea what you’re doing that you aren’t alone! People may not always be open about it, but I think almost anyone you’d ask if they were being honest would tell you that they’re just as confused as you are. My advice is to just take each moment at a time. Enjoy the good times, learn from the bad times, and just try to fully embrace and live out every moment.

I hope you enjoy my 22 thoughts about what I’ve learned throughout my life so far. I know it’s a bit long, but I’ve learned a lot. If I was to put all I’ve learned then we’d probably be going on for days. I feel it’s important to share with people what you have learned from life because I feel that sometimes it can be relieving. It’s sometimes nice to know that others are dealing with the same things you are. Also I believe we can constantly learn from other people, and so I feel being open about things you encounter can help others to learn and grow. My hopes are that this post reminds you of something you already knew, teaches you something new, or challenges you in some way. I’d also absolutely love to hear about what life has taught you so be sure to comment below or hit me up on social media! Now it’s time for me to head off to the Zoo, eat lots of food (especially cake), and be with those that I love so that I can celebrate 22! I hope you all have an amazing week! See you later!


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