What I’m Listening to:Summer Search

Hey everyone! It’s been too long since I’ve posted, but I’m back! I took Spring Break off, and then I’ve been busy with school ever since! Things have finally started to settle down a bit though, and I’m getting ready to finish the semester up which is fantastic!

During my “break” from the blog I’ve gotten a chance to listen to a lot of music due to putting my new Google Home to use. Some of it’s brand new, some is new to me, and some of it is music I’ve loved for a bit now. I thought I’d recommend a few since summer is approaching. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for some new stuff at the change of seasons. I figured if I was looking for new stuff that you may be as well, and so I thought I’d be helpful.

61dJhUEtWrL._SL1200_1. Forever Words by Various Artists

This album is full of songs that artists put together by using  the words from poems that Johnny Cash wrote. Anyone who knows me or who has read my other posts should know that I love Johnny Cash. I was so excited for this album, and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. It’s filled with some really great songs, and I love that you can hear the Johnny influence on basically all of them. It’s not quite as much a summer album in my opinion, but it’s definitely a great one. It’s really hard to pick one favorite but at the moment it’s between “To June this Morning” and “You Never Knew My Mind.” I also love that this album seems to have a little bit of something for everyone. It’s an album that I feel Johnny Cash would approve of, and it’s an album worth checking out just because it’s cool to see how one artist influenced so many other artists.

268x0w (1)2. Everything I could never say… By lovelytheband

I’ve heard so many people talk about lovelytheband, and kept meaning to check them out. Then the other day on my way home I was listening to the radio, and I heard this song that I really loved. Come to find out it was their song Broken. I haven’t been able to stop listening to their music since. They have such a fantastic EP, and it’s full of songs that are perfect for summer. This band is really worth all the hype that people have given them, and if you haven’t listened to their stuff then you should check it out ASAP! I believe that my favorite song at the moment has to be coachella because it gives such a happy feeling, but they’re all phenomenal songs.

Golden hour Kacey Musgraves3. Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’ music is always truly amazing to me. The wording of the lyrics in her songs are always so clever. I think my favorite from this album most definitely has to be Wonder Woman. I like this album for the same reason that I like all of her music. Her songs are not only clever, but they’re also always real and honest. She’s one of the best country singers out at the moment in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see her with Harry Styles in a few months.

a3352062051_104. Vacation by Seaway

I’ve been obsessed with this album for a while, but I just find myself loving it more and more every time I give it a listen. It really truly has some bops on it! Vacation is the perfect album for hopping in the car, rolling the windows down, and turning the radio up all the way. I probably have a little too much fun screaming “BUT I COULD NEVER MOVE TO LONDON” when I’m driving down the road, but it’s a blast. I think my favorite song off the album has to be Something Wonderful because it’s cute, and because of the references to Ross and Rachel and Zack and Kelly. Also an added bonus is that this band is so much fun live, and they also sound amazing!

bf3529f436d7e87fe378582fe545e606.640x640x15. Want You Back and Youngblood by 5SOS

If you remember back to a few posts ago I talked about my love of 5SOS! I’ve been such a big fan since I found out about them a few years ago. They’ve gone a slightly different direction with their new music, and I still absolutely love it. I appreciate when an artist’s music can grow along with the artist. The sounds from these two songs really seem to show a growth in the band, and it makes me so excited. They just announced another song should be out really soon, and I’m highly anticipating it. I absolutely adore both of the songs, but I’d definitely say that Youngblood is my favorite at the moment.

state-champs-dead-and-gone-cdq6. Dead and Gone by State Champs

I’ve been looking forward to new State Champs stuff for a while. They always put out the best jams! They dropped this song the other night, and I’ve been playing it ever since! It’s fun, and it’s another one that’s perfect for my summer playlist! After listening to this song on repeat for a bit I quickly bought my preorder bundle. If the rest of the album is anything like this song then it’s going to be a very impressive album.

600x600bf (1)7. Celebrate by The Dirty Heads ft. Unlikely Candidates

I’m not going to lie, this is the only song I know by either of the musicians featured on it, but I love it! I first heard it on a Stanley Cup playoff commercial (Go Preds!), and I wondered who the artist was. I later heard it on the radio, and I quickly made a note to put it on my playlist! I’m pretty sure if my Google Home had feelings then it would be really annoyed with me. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve asked it to play the song, but it’s just such an enjoyable listen!

It felt like it had been a while since I’d been able to really enjoy music, and so it was really nice to be able to listen and appreciate all of these I just mentioned. I’m starting to feel that this years summer playlist is going to be one of the best I’ve had in a while! I’m still wanting to add a lot more to the playlist though so if you have suggestions you should definitely let me know! I’m open to anything and everything! So comment below or hit me up on social media with what you’re loving at the moment! Thanks in advance!


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