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Haim-Coca Cola Roxy-Atlanta, Georgia-4/28/18

The room darkens, the screams intensify, a heartbeat sound gradually gets faster and faster, and then the drums come in. They build as each sister takes their place on the stage. Then it stops! The lights on stage shine bright as the music for “Falling” starts. The Haim show in Atlanta has officially started, and it’s off to an amazing start. The opening is so enthralling, and gets everyone excited to see what comes next. They continue to impress for the rest of the show, and prove just how talented each of the sisters are.

I’ve liked Haim for a while now. I love the vibe that their music has, and how their music isn’t like everything out there. They had something different about them, and it made them stand out to me. I also loved the fact that they seemed to just be genuine people. It seems that they’re not afraid to be themselves. Even as they’ve continued on in their career it seems they’ve continued to stay that way. There are many artists that put out their first album, and they seem so down to earth. Then their next album comes out, and they’re like a completely different person. I don’t get that vibe from the sisters in Haim. I also love that they’re so close as sisters. My sister and I are super close so I love when I see other siblings with that same type of relationship.

Their show in Atlanta was everything I expected, and more. They engaged with the crowd, they played their own instruments, and they sounded AMAZING!! The lighting and production of the show was really great as well! It was an overall well rounded set! They performed my favorite song “My Song 5”, and it was so exciting to get to finally hear it live. The song has a really great beat in it, and so getting the live experience of it was brilliant! I was also really excited to hear them play one of my other favorites “Night So Long.” The song is a little more on the simple side, and there’s just something beautiful about songs like this live. I appreciated all of the songs they performed though, and it’s difficult to not rave about them all. Also can we please talk about all the confetti that fell when the show was over? I love when there is confetti at shows! It’s so pretty! Overall it was a phenomenal live show that I feel fans can really enjoy!

I had such a great time seeing Haim live, and I hope that maybe I’ll get to see them again one day. I always enjoy going to live shows, and seeing all the things an artist dreams up for their show. I love both extravagant shows and simple shows. They both can bring about an enjoyable time. This show was one that I felt was at an in between, and it was gorgeous. If you like their music and they ever announce a show in your city then I recommend going! I believe it’s definitely worth it!

The next time I head to a show (next Wednesday! Yay!) I’ll have my Spring semester completed! I’m so excited for summer, and all the exciting moments that come with it! I have shows that I’m looking forward to, trips to go on, playlists to listen to, and more! Haim was just an early taste of the excitement that this summer is going to bring, and I’m pumped! I’ll share one of the playlists I’ve been working on for the summer soon, and I can tell you right now that you can expect to see Haim on there! As I said earlier, Haim is one of those bands that was on my list of bands I have to see at least once. Do you have a list like that? If so, who is on yours? Comment below or talk to me on social media! I’d love to hear who you hope to see or who you have seen! Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you next week!

Loved hearing this song live:


One thought on “Haim-4/28/18

  1. My have to see at least once was Don Henley and I’ve seen him!!! YAY!. I would like to see Tears for Fears and I wish I had seen Tom Petty:(

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