Summer 2018 (p. 1)

The sounds of water splashing, kids playing, birds chirping, ice cream trucks driving around, and lawnmowers going. The hot sun bearing down making people happy, but also making people long for cooler weather. Traveling to vacation destinations. People hoping for days off work to do fun activities. Staying up late, and sleeping in the next day. Overall a few months that are filled with happiness and cheer for most people! That’s right, it’s summer!! Oh how I missed it so much, but it’s finally here! All of the summer things I’ve been looking forward to can finally occur! Summer style, playlists, concerts, books, activities, and more! It’s all so thrilling, and I’m ready for it all!

Since there are so many things that I’m looking forward to this summer, I decided that I’d break this down into a series. I plan to post about different summer topics for the next few days, and today’s post features one of my absolute favorite things. Today is focused on my playlist for the summer! I’ve put together a playlist that I’ve really been enjoying recently. I plan to add to it as the summer goes on, but it has a really great start. I also received some great suggestions when I asked for them a few weeks ago. This year I wanted a playlist filled with fun songs that would be enjoyable for a sunny day drive. So far Big Bertha (my car) and I have had some fun drives while listening to this list. I hope that you check it out, and enjoy it as much as I have. You can click the links below to find the playlists for both Google Play and Spotify! I also have included videos for a few of the songs that are currently on the list. Hopefully even if you don’t want to check the playlist out you may find a song from videos below that you’ll find you like! Summer is here bringing such a joy, and I hope that all of you have some time this summer to enjoy the warm months! As I said, I’m definitely open to adding more to my playlist so if you have more suggestions be sure to comment below or hit me up on social media! See you tomorrow with part 2!

Google Play-Summer 2018 Playlist Spotify-Summer 2018 Playlist

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