Summer 2018 (p.2)

Hi everyone! I’m back again with my second part to my summer series! If you haven’t already, you can check out Summer 2018 (p. 1) to see my playlist for this summer! Today I wanted to talk about summer activities! I have to admit I’m not always great at actually doing all the activities I plan to do. Every year my sister and I say we’re going to do all these different things, and then we stay home in the air condition instead. This year I actually really do want to try to do more. I turned to Pinterest for some ideas along with just adding some of the goals from past summers to my list. You can check out some of the plans I have below!

  1. Eat

    This is something fairly simple, but there’s a lot of new places opening up near my house to go to. For instance, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed I’ve been at my local donut shop a lot recently. It’s definitely safe to say that I’ll be there a lot this summer. I’d also love to spend more time in downtown Marietta, which has ice cream stores and more. They also just opened a Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar in Downtown Woodstock. I’ve been wanting to try bubble tea for a while so I definitely plan to go there for tea and macarons. Hopefully I’ll get to try a few other places as well, but these are all on the top of my list. If you have any suggestions that should be added be sure to let me know.

  2. Get Crafty

    This doesn’t really involve going anywhere, but I’ve found a few ideas on Pinterest that look like they’d be fun to do! There’s this cool idea of filling water guns with paint, and shooting them at a canvas. It says it’s for kids, but I’m honestly completely down to try it. You can check it out here! Also how about this adorable pineapple painting (click here)? Pinterest has so many cute ideas for crafty things! My projects normally end up looking like the Pinterest fails, but they’re always a lot of fun to try! I have a couple on my Summer board, and I’ll probably add more as the summer continues.

  3. Visit Places in Georgia

    There are so many places in Georgia that I either haven’t been to or haven’t been to in a while. I really want to get out, and visit some of those different places. I’m someone who really loves traveling so that I can go see new places. There’s so much I haven’t seen in my own state though. I’m still doing my research on which places I should go see so it’s a work in progress, but I do have a few places I’m considering visiting. If you have any suggestions of cool places in Georgia be sure to let me know so that I can possibly add it to my list!

  4. Read

    Once again, this is not really something that involves leaving the house. I do want to keep up my goal for the year of reading more though. I’ve read a lot of good books in 2018 so far, and I want to continue to do so. If you’re looking for some new books to check out then you can click here. I’ve made a Pinterest board of all the books I’ve read in 2018 so far, and I add to it every time I finish a book. I’ve really been into poetry recently so you will find a lot of poetry books on the board. I have read a few regular story type books as well, and have really enjoyed them. I especially enjoyed Or Give Me Death by Ann Rinaldi. I believe it’s supposed to be geared more towards kids, but I still really enjoyed it. I finally went and renewed my library card at the beginning of the year as well, which means I’ll probably frequent the library a decent amount scouring the shelves for new books.

  5. Picnic

    Lastly, I really want to try to have more picnics this summer. There’s just something about having a picnic that’s so much fun. I enjoy packing a lunch, going somewhere, picking the perfect spot, and then enjoying the food. Over Spring Break my sister, and I went to Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw for a picnic, and we had such a great time. I’d love to go back there for a picnic along with some other places as well. I always enjoy having fruit and vegetables when I go on a picnic. What do you like to take?

    I have a lot of things that I’d love to do this summer, and I hope that I’ll be able to do them all. I’d love your suggestions for places to eat, crafty things to do, places to visit, books to read, or places to picnic. I’d also like to hear from you on what your plans for the summer are! Feel free to comment below or you can talk to me on social media. Also because I want you to be able to enjoy summer activities as much as I do I’m doing a giveaway. I’m giving away a picnic/beach mat to one lucky winner! Just click the Amazon Giveaway link below to enter to win!! You can also find a picture of the mat below! It’s completely free to you, but you do have to live in the US. The giveaway ends May 22nd so be sure to enter soon!!

    Amazon Giveaway

    beach mat

That’s all for part 2 so I’ll leave you with another song from the playlist discussed in Summer 2018 (p. 1). See you tomorrow for part 3!

This giveaway is not sponsored by WordPress, Amazon, Instagram, or anyone else. You must live in the United States, and it is completely free. You may only enter once.

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