Summer Boredom Cure

I hope everyone had a great week and a great Memorial Day weekend! By now most of the schools in my area are officially out for summer, and I’m already hearing kids complain about being bored. I’m also hearing parents complain about the kids being out, and about their kids being bored. I know my summer series already ended, and that I already did an activity blog. I thought I’d share some more favorite summer activities that I’ve done throughout the years though. There’s so much to do during the summer! It doesn’t have to be full of boredom! I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve done and enjoyed since I was a kid so let get started!

1. Water Balloons

Let’s start with the inspo behind this post in the first place! I’m a nanny, and last week the kids I watch started complaining of boredom. After wracking my brain trying to think of something, I finally found something they both found enjoyment in! WATER BALLOONS! Who knew 100 water balloons could provide a couple of hours worth of fun? We got these cool Avengers Balloons that are self-sealing! They had so much fun throwing them at each other (and me). For $7 I cured summer boredom for a bit, and honestly it kind of made me want to go buy some for myself!

2. Movies

Sometimes you have days like the day we’re currently having in Georgia where it rains all day! Those days aren’t really great for outdoor activities like water balloon fights! So why not have a movie day? Its fun to cover the windows, and make it really dark. Or make a fort, and watch movies. Grab some blankets,pillows, and your favorite snack and you’ve got yourself a great day! I’ve put together 2 lists of some of my favorite movies for movie marathons! Hope you enjoy!

3. Reading



I kind of talked about books in my last activity post, but I love reading! I don’t think you can ever talk about it enough! As I said in my last summer activity post I have a Pinterest board with all the books I’ve read this year, and you can click here to check it out! I add to it every time I finish a book! An activity I loved as a kid, and honestly still enjoy is going outside to read. I love grabbing a blanket, getting a snack, finding a place in the shade, and then sitting down to read for a bit! You can travel all over, while just sitting in your yard and it’s great!

4. Scary Stories

This kind of goes along with reading, but I’ve always loved scary stories. When I was little my mom used to tell my cousin and I scary stories all the time. We’d go sit out underneath the big tree in my front yard, and there were 2 in particular we loved. She told us them over and over, and honestly she probably got so tired of telling them. We loved it though! As I got older I became obsessed with reading the Scary Stories to tell in the Dark series! I’ve read them so many times! It was especially fun to hang out with friends, and take turns telling the stories. Especially at night!

5. Dance Party

A good dance party is always fun! I have way too many playlist dedicated to letting loose, and dancing around! Not only is it fun as a 22 year old, but I’ve found kids also love them! One time I was babysitting, and I found out the kid I was watching loved Taylor Swift. We danced all around to Shake It Off, and more Taylor jams. It was a blast, and killed some time! If you’re looking to get rid of summer boredom then a dance party is a quick and cheap way to do it! Some of my favorite dance parties involve pop music (especially T Swift and Little Mix), pop punk, and 80’s music!

6. Get out of the house

Sometimes being at home can get old, and you just need to get out! Whether it’s taking a walk, going to the store, going out to eat, visiting a friend, taking a trip to the library, or some other activity! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but sometimes getting out even if it’s just an hour can help make things exciting again!

7. Crafty

Okay so I’m really not very good at crafty things! I try, but most of the time it ends up looking like a Pinterest fail! I still enjoy trying to be artsy though! Pinterest has so many  ideas that are fun to try! If anything you’ll have a great finished product, or you’ll be like me and laugh at the fail you’ve made!

8. Writing Prompt

A while back I bought one of those writing prompt books, and it’s so much fun! Whether you actually write things down or just ask the fun questions to other people (or both). They’re questions that I feel like both adults and children can enjoy. For instance the other day one of the questions I answered is what’s your favorite pair of shoes and why? It’s a super simple question about something that’s not really that important, but I found it fun to answer. There’s also fun questions like how you’d set up one of those Murder Mystery dinner parties as well. They basically cover a little bit of everything, and you can get them fairly cheap!

9. Coloring

Coloring kind of became a big thing not long ago as more advanced coloring books came out for adults. Basically everyone I knew was into coloring, and it was so much fun! I’ve always loved coloring, and I honestly still love the kids coloring books as well! It can be so relaxing, and entertaining! Why not color and spend some time in quiet, or color with your friends/family and talk as you color.

10. Flowers/Plants

Last but not least, plant some flowers or some type of plant! Go pick out some type of flower or plant that you like, plant it, and find a good location for it. Then it gives you something to do each day because you have to take care of it. It’s also fun to watch the plants and flowers grow, and to see the new blooms open up. I bought some new flowers recently, and put them right outside my window! It’s been so much fun taking care of them, and watching them grow!

2018-05-29 12.49.14 1.jpg

Summer keeps getting shorter and shorter every year, but that doesn’t stop summer boredom from moving in! Also you don’t want to just spend all of your time using technology. Some days such as rainy days it’s great to have, but it’s good to have other options as well. I’ve been trying to do better about being on my phone less this year, and I’ve slightly slipped on taking long phone breaks. I’m trying to get back in the habit of it though so this post is as much for me as it it is for all of you. It’s a good reminder that there are fun things you can do that don’t involve being on your phone all day. I hope you enjoy the list, and maybe even do some of the activities! I’d love to hear from you, and get you’re summer activity suggestions! Be sure to comment with what you love to do! Hope you all have a great week, and I’ll see you soon!

Also if you haven’t already be sure to check out my summer series! The giveaway mentioned is now over, and congrats to the winner of that by the way! The posts are still full of fun things though so check them out!

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