“Hey, let’s party like we on vacation”

2018-06-23 09-2.08.06 1.jpg
Ormond Holiday Club- Ormond Beach, Florida

“Gonna put the world away for a minute pretend I don’t live in it sunshine gonna wash my blues away.”

I love a good getaway from regular life from time to time, and I honestly don’t feel that they come around often enough. I’m thankful for the one week each year that I escape to the beach, and spend time getting to do some of my favorite things though. Every year my family and I load up the car early in the morning with our collaborative playlist to head to Ormond beach for a week spent in the water, soaking up some sun, and plenty of eating. It’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year, and I’m already missing it dearly. This year not only did we head to the beach, but we also spent a day in St. Augustine. It was probably my favorite day of the week, and I want to go back as soon as possible. It was such a great trip, and so I thought I share a bit with you all. Maybe you’ll find yourself deciding it’s time for you to take a vacation or maybe you’ll decide to go visit some of the places I talk about. With that being said, here’s some of my favorite reasons for heading to the beach and some of my favorite things we did.

 Stress Relief

Let’s start with one of my favorite reasons for going to the beach, which is the calmness that it brings. I find that walking down the beach or even just sitting on the beach makes me feel 100% more relaxed. The beautiful scenery, the waves crashing, and the birds flying above. All of it brings a smile to my face and a peace to my heart.


I feel like you can look at the pictures above and tell that one of my major necessities for the beach is sunscreen! I use so much sunscreen on vacation and it’s normally the highest you can get! I’m as pale as Casper, if not paler so sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and shade are all my best friends at the beach! Moving on from sun protection though, I have a few other things that come along with me in my beach bag. Books, journals, a writing prompt, a sketch book, headphones, and plenty of pens. During breaks from riding the waves I like to put all of these items to use. The beach seems to be the perfect place to get some reading done or to get creative, and I took full advantage of it.


Now we’re talking! One of the best parts of vacation is the food!!! So much food!! Vacation diet is my favorite diet of all! Macarons in St. Augustine, donuts from Krispy Kreme, Po Boys at the River Grille, Ice Cream at Hershey’s, coffee, Pizza and Italian from several different places. It was all so phenomenal, and if I could have it all again this week I definitely would! I can’t stop thinking about the macarons we had from Le Macaron while in St. Augustine. The Magical Unicorn ice cream from Hershey’s that was quite magical.  Also the pizza from Al’s and Stavros, and the Chicken Parmesan from Bruno’s Pizza. Oh and I almost forgot about all of the hush puppies I had from both Hull’s and River Grille. I loaded up on the hush puppies, and they were wonderful. I can’t recommend the places we went to enough! I definitely need to stop talking about food though  because I just finished lunch, and I’m already getting hungry again!

St. Augustine

They say save the best for last, so here we are at the end of the short list of my favorite things about vacation. I’ve already babbled on about the macrons I had while in St. Augustine, but there’s more to love about the city as well. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city that I adore. I’d been once years before when I was younger. It wasn’t until this years trip that I really grew to appreciate the city though.  We took a walk through the old fort and the old church, which both hold so much history. Even if you don’t take a walk through either of those places the past still makes a prominent appearance. We loved strolling through the area checking out the stores, viewing Flagler college, and just enjoying the day. We hung around the city until night time to be able to catch the Ghost and Gravestones trolley tour. It was so much fun!! They take you to the old drugstore/wax museum, one of the old cemeteries, and the old jail. Along the way they tell you stories of the different ghosts who haunt the surrounding areas, and have people to act out different parts to add to the tour. It was a fun experience, and it’s one of those things that you can enjoy even if you don’t believe. Overall St. Augustine is one of those cities that holds a lot of charm, and there is so much to see there. We covered a lot of ground, and still didn’t see half of the great places located there. St. Augustine is definitely in the top 5 on my list of favorite cities, and I can’t wait to go back.

It was a really great week filled with so many amazing new memories, great food, cool places, phenomenal waves, creativity, awesome books, and more. 2018’s vacation was a wonderful success! Along with all the wonderful things I’ve already mentioned there’s also a few honorable mentions. We also got the chance to go see the gorgeous sunset over the river, and visit the Ponce Inlet lighthouse as well. I feel so much more relaxed after the marvelous week we had, and I wish every week could be spent the way vacation week is spent. Anyone else going on vacation this year? Have you already gone? What’s your favorite part of getting away for a bit? I’d love to hear from you so make sure to comment below or contact me on social media! Hope you’re all doing great, and I’ll see you next time!

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