“I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour “

It was really weird to go to Warped tour this year knowing that it would be the last time that it would be touring all over the US. To know that after 24 years Warped tour as we know it was saying farewell. It almost made me appreciate every minute even more though knowing I needed to soak it in. This tour has meant so much to so many people for so many years. I only got the chance to experience it twice in my life, but both times I went I left with memories that will last a lifetime. I don’t really know of many festivals that charge less than $100, and offer about 50 or so different bands to see and possibly meet. It’s definitely safe to say that anything following this tour will have BIG shoes to fill. No, it wasn’t a perfect tour, but there were many amazing aspects to it. The scene definitely has a lot to thank founder Kevin Lyman for, and I’m not sure if he’ll ever know the impact his tour made on so many.

I think one of the appealing parts of Warped tour (besides the amazing performances) is how it allows for bands and fans to connect a bit more. At any time throughout the day you could run into members of your favorite bands. They may be chilling at their tent or they may be out watching the shows just like you. It made it feel very personal! This year I got the chance to meet and talk to members of four different bands, and they were all so friendly. There’s something so nice about getting to tell bands face to face how much you love and appreciate their music. It was truly a great experience.

Warped is cool as well because they bring bigger bands onto the tour, but they also bring bands in who are on the rise. The bands that I went for on the smaller stage this year were As It Is, Grayscale, Story Untold, and Don Broco. You may notice that Don Broco is on a different stage, and that’s because at the Atlanta show they were moved to the bigger stage for the day. All of these bands though are currently on the rise (and they’re all AMAZING!!), and it gave them a chance to grow their audience. I wanted to see all of these bands, but the one I was most excited for was Story Untold. Their album has been one of my favorites to come out this year, and so it was cool to hear the songs live. All of these bands blew me away though, and I’m glad I got the chance to see them. I love what As It Is is currently doing with their music, and how they’re speaking up for things that need to be talked about. I’d wanted to see Grayscale for a while now, and so it was great to finally see what they are like live, and I hope to catch them again when they come back. I’ve seen Don Broco several times now, and they captured the crowds attention like always. They put a lot of energy into their show, which allows for a time to let loose and feel free. I’m glad these bands were on Warped, and I’d love to see them all again one day!

2018-07-31 05.49.20 1.jpg

This band get’s their own section. I feel like everyone has that band or song from their childhood that they dream to hear live. In my case, my younger self was thriving getting to sing/scream the lyrics to Check Yes Juliet with We the Kings. I told the people with me that my day was made after hearing that song, and it was the truth. There is NOTHING like singing one of your favorite childhood songs with a large crowd, and the band that the song belongs to. It was a definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

2018-07-31 05.49.11 1.jpg

Another band getting their own section, and surprise surprise it’s Movements (aka one of my top favorite bands)! I adore this band so much, and it was so great seeing them on the bigger stage this year. Just last year I watched them perform on the smaller stage, and so it was great to see the growth they’ve had in such a short time. They always put so much into their shows, and their music. I can’t recommend them enough so if you’re looking for some new music please go give them a listen!!!

Here we are at two of the last bands I went to Warped to see. The Maine and Waterparks! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all of The Maine’s set because it conflicted with Story Untold. I did get to watch some of it though, and they were awesome! I definitely hope to be able to catch them again soon. They’re definitely one of those bands that you can clearly see that they really care about what they’re doing. Also Waterparks was phenomenal as always. I did get to catch all of their set, and they’re one of those bands like Don Broco that just have a lot of energy. You feel comfortable to jump up and down and scream/sing their lyrics, which is exactly what I did. I really loved their setlist, and I’m especially super glad that they did “Tantrum.”

Overall, Warped Tour has made a lasting impression on so many people. It’s one of those things that I feel will always be talked about. This last year was a great time, and I’m so thankful that I can say I got to experience it. I’m not really sure that anything can replace it, but I’ll definitely be interested to see if anyone tries. Has anyone else been to Warped? If so, what bands did you see/meet? Did you have a good time? I’d love to hear from you so comment below! Hope everyone has a great week, and I’ll see you next time!

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