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Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my blog then you hopefully saw my post from last week. If you haven’t already then be sure to check out Let’s Talk: Mental Health where I opened up about my struggles this year. It was really important to me to share because I want people to realize that things aren’t always great for everyone. I’ve seen a lack of realness a lot over the past few years, and I didn’t want to be one of those people who appeared to never have any problems. I have my good days, and I have my bad and I’m not afraid to share that.

After that post I decided that I would like to follow up with another post about some of the things that help me when I’m struggling. I want to say first that none of these are cures for anxiety or other mental struggles, and I am no mental health pro. I’ve just found things that help me to feel a little better when I’m struggling. Sometimes these things work really well, and other times they don’t. Overall they seem to help my bad days come less often, and just make my life a little better overall.



One thing that helps me a lot is to write. More specifically I do a lot of journaling to help me get my thoughts out, to keep track of my good and bad days, to get my imagination going, and see directly what’s in my mind. I used to just journal from time to time in a regular notebook just to write about what’s happening in my life. A year or so ago I added a writing prompt to my life, which is a fun way to journal. It helps get your imagination flowing, and also has helped me write about things that I didn’t even know that I needed to write about. This past year I took on a few more journaling styles that I’ve found have really helped me out! First, I downloaded this journal app on my phone that allows you to rate your day and write a few sentences. I actually really started to see a turn around in my mind once I started using it. Also more recently I started using a sketch book to journal! I can’t draw well whatsoever, but I’m a visual person so this journaling helps. I draw a head at the bottom of the paper, and put a huge thought bubble above. In that thought bubble I write all the emotions and thoughts that are in my mind at that time. It’s absolutely mind blowing how seeing those thoughts all laid out on paper can help you think things through a bit more. I guess in a way you could say this blog is a form of journaling as well. Overall I think writing things out is really helpful.

Water and Workout

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Let’s talk about the W’s! Working out and upping my water intake has really helped me out a lot. I always hated working out, but this year I’ve really grown to love it. It’s helped me feel better mentally and physically. My family and I got a gym membership this year, and it’s been one of the greatest additions to my life. Also drinking the amount of water needed has also been a great help. I’ve talked about it in another post, but I use an app to help me make sure I drink enough water each day. It’s called Plant Nanny, and it has really helped me over the past few months.

My space


I try to keep my room calm with lamps and candles. When I’m feeling really anxious I find that things like overhead lights, and stuff like that bother me. They make me overwhelmed, and so I prefer to use lamps and fairly lights in the area that I spend most of my time. I also like candles constantly burning in my room for the calmness that they have. I’ve found that the area you spend your time in can actually really impact how you feel. When my room is calm with lamps and candles, and it’s straightened up I feel much better than when I do when it’s not.



I find that being outside, and enjoying nature helps me to clear my head. Especially now that my favorite season is here I’ve enjoyed being outside a good bit. The leaves are changing, the weather is nice, and it’s just gorgeous out. Going outside just helps me to calm down, take some deep breaths, and focus on something other than all the thoughts in my head. Whether it’s going on a walk somewhere or sitting outside with my dog the outdoors really calm me down.


Screenshot_20181109-123554.pngIf it wasn’t already obvious I really love music. Music has always been something I’ve turned to throughout the good and bad. I actually have a playlist filled with songs that help me when I’m struggling. They hold words that bring comfort, and allow me to calm down. Whenever I start to fill the slightest bit of anxiousness I turn to this playlist.





At the beginning of this year I decided that I need to start spending less time on my phone. I started doing other things like reading. I used to love it, and I had kind of abandoned it for a while. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I put the phone down. All the time on my phone was really causing my mental health to plummet, and reading helped me. It helped take me to another place, it allowed me to learn new things, connect to characters, and so much more. I’m thankful for the phone breaks that have helped me add new things that I love to my life. It allows me to leave social media and the perfect world that appears there and embrace something that allows me to see another world. Maybe you may not be into reading, but I highly suggest trying to find something you love that can allow you to take a break from your phone.

Finding things you love

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I guess this is a continuance of the suggestion about reading in a way in that I suggest finding things that you love, and embracing them. I’ve found that finding something that you love, and embracing it can also really help. One thing that I’ve recently really gotten into is hockey. I enjoy watching and learning about it. It helps give me something to distract me and it’s something that takes up time. It makes me happy, and I’m thankful for that. There are other things I love to focus on as well like things I’ve mentioned such as reading or music. I also love decorating or planning decorations for my room. I also love trying to learn new things whether that’s through classes I take or on my own. Basically I just feel that having things you love and are passionate about is helpful.

As I said earlier none of these are perfect fixes for mental health. I just know that these are things that have greatly helped me in my own life. These things may not work for you, but I suggest trying things to find out what can help you. I’ve found what benefits me by trial and error. I just wanted to put what helps me out there to give suggestions. Some of the things that have helped me the most are things I learned about from other people. Whether it was through another blog post, article, or in-person conversation. That’s my sole reason for putting this out there. Once again I’m no pro, and mental health is very complex so everyone deals with it differently. I just hope that maybe this can help someone in someway, and that’s all it’s here for. That’s all I have to say so I hope that everyone has a really great week, and I’ll see you next time.


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