Let’s Talk: Dear 2018

For Christmas this year I received a brand new journal. I thought the best way to start off in the journal was to write a letter to my 2018 self as a short review of what kind of year it was. I also decided that the best way to end the blog posts for this year was to share that letter with you. 

Dear 2018 self,

This year was an interesting year. It was so good and so bad all at the same time. It was the craziest roller coaster year ever. There was laughter, tears, and sometimes laughter that brought tears. It’s not a year that you would want to relive, but it’s also not a year you want to forget. This year mental health became a priority as it was something you struggled with all year. To be honest you were pretty bad to yourself at the beginning of the year. You took every chance to put yourself down, and to doubt yourself. It wasn’t until halfway through the year that you were able to get out of your funk. You finally got back to taking better care of yourself, and stopped being so cruel. You still have some ways to go, but you’re doing better. Mental health wasn’t the only theme of 2018 though. Growth was another large part of your year. You took chances to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and in the end it benefited you greatly. You became more comfortable doing new things, and started to doubt yourself less. Speaking of new things another theme of the year was travel, and you visited multiple new places. You visited Nashville, Asheville, Savannah, and West Virginia. You also revisited Chattanooga and St. Augustine. You fell in love with St. Augustine this time around, and have determined in your mind that one day you’ll live in Nashville. You really loved Savannah, but want to be able to revisit when it’s not so hot outside. You also visited places nearby you that you had wanted to go, but never got around to. You found that you have some really cool places near you that you want to frequent more often. While you struggled this year you can’t really say it was bad because it taught you so much about yourself. You grew, you became stronger, you learned to love yourself and others more, and you worked to become a person that you like more.

Goodbye 2018,


I can’t believe 2018 is at it’s end. I’m happy and sad to see it go. I’m ready for 2019 though, and I’m feeling much better this year then I was at this time last year. So farewell 2018! Happy New Years Eve everyone!

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