“The Last Five Years”

Hey everyone!! If you clicked on this post thinking I was talking about the play/movie “The Last Five Years” I must regretfully inform you that it is not what I’m talking about today. Even though I’m totally down to talk about it in the comments or another post if anyone is interested. What I am talking about though is the five years that I’ve been out of high school.

A couple of days ago my Facebook memories reminded me that my last day of high school was five years ago, and on May 24 it will be five years since my graduation. I thought that since I was celebrating my five years, and since my sister is about to graduate in a matter of days that I’d share some things I’ve learned. So today I’m focusing on those things that it seems everyone seems to tell a high school student that at least for myself ended up not having too much truth. I know everyone is different so some of these sayings may actually apply to people so I’m not saying that the people who tell you these things are necessarily lying to you. I do know that for myself they weren’t true so I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

“High school is the best time of your life”

“When you get hit with college work you’ll wish you were still in high school”

“Life isn’t as fun after high school”

“You’ll regret not going to/doing _______ (prom, sports, etc.)”

Some of these sayings may sound familiar to you. If they don’t then congratulations to you! If they do, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. I used to hear stuff like this a good bit, and now that my sister is about to graduate I know she has heard some of them herself. So with that being said let’s get to debunking some of these statements.

  1. “High school is the best time of your life”

I’m not going to say high school sucked, but “best time of my life” is pushing it. I remember being fearful hearing this because I’m like if this is the best time of my life then my life is going to freaking suck! Sure there were some great times and memories in high school, and there was less responsibility as well. Overall though my life after high school has been so much better. Sure there has been some struggles here and there so I’m not saying it’s perfect. It’s just different now though. I’ve found out a lot more about who I am. I’ve gained confidence, pushed myself more, and just become a person that I like a little more. I’m more proud of the person I am now then I was of the person I was in high school. I stand up for my thoughts and ideas a lot more now. Sure there are more responsibilities and different types of stress, but I’d still take it over high school. I just feel like your time after high school is a really important growing time. I feel I can say that it’s that way for a lot of people just because I’ve seen others grow so much as a person after they graduate as well.

2. “When you get hit with college work you’ll wish you were still in high school”

This one is one that I personally find kind of funny. Mostly because in high school I basically hated school. Sure there were some fun classes here and there, but overall I thought school sucked. It wasn’t until college that I found myself really loving school. I think a lot of it is that in college I get to take classes I love and have a passion for. I even found myself liking a lot of the classes that I originally dreaded or complained about having to take. Sure maybe it depends on your major, but for myself the idea of college classes being harder was a lie. Once again maybe it’s because I’m doing something that I love/am passionate about, but I found college assignments to be easier. Maybe sometimes they’re more time consuming, but I wouldn’t say harder. So if people are scaring you with that statement I wouldn’t let it get to you too much. When you take classes on things you find interesting I think you’ll find it can make things more on the fun side. Also college classes can have some really cool and fun topics. For instance, I took an online class on the history of Rock & Roll. We literally listened and talked about music the whole time. That same semester I took another online class in American Literature that studied Literary Monsters. We spent all of that semester watching both old and new scary movies and discussing them. Those are fun examples, but even my other classes that were related to my major have had some fun aspects.

3. “Life isn’t as fun after high school”

For myself, life after high school is when the real fun started. I’m just really enjoying life right now. I’m finding new things that I love (ex:hockey). I’ve gotten to travel a bit more, which has been phenomenal. As I said earlier, I’m also finding out more about myself which has been really cool. It’s just really been a great time, and I just want to try my best to live life to the fullest.

4. “You’ll regret not going to/doing _______ (prom, sports, etc.)”

Okay well first I feel like I need a disclaimer that I went to a private school so we didn’t really have an actual prom. We had a banquet, which I chose not to go to my senior year. Some said I’d regret that, but I’m five years out and the regret hasn’t shown up yet. I also had some that said I should get more involved in other things or I’d regret it. Newsflash! I don’t regret not doing any of those other things either. I mean that kind of stuff never meant much to me anyway, but still I’m not mad at myself for not going or doing those things. If it’s something you really want to do then do it. I’m not trying to discourage participation. I’m just saying that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t do what everyone says you should do.

There you have it! A “debunking” of sorts of those statements. I felt this was a good time to write this with me celebrating five years out of high school, and my sister finishing her time in high school. I just want to reassure people that life doesn’t become a complete miserable mess after high school. Sure things change and there will most likely be some rough times. There are some really great times too, and I definitely would not choose to go back to high school. So if you’re graduating soon don’t let people terrify you about what comes after. Also thought I’d have a little fun, and share some pics of high school Ashley! So here’s a few pics from my senior year!

I’d love to hear from you! So if you’ve heard statements like these recently comment below with the one you’ve heard the most. Or if you’ve graduated already I’d love to hear your story on if you miss high school a lot or if you’re like me and have found life after high school to be pretty nice.

Okay also I can’t name this “The Last Five Years,” and not include anything from it! So please enjoy this video below! Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next week!

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