The Unexpected

” Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”
-Robert Frost

Hey everyone! It’s Friday, and June has already pretty much come and gone. The summer seems to be flying by, but it feels like the heat is just now really starting to set in. I hope you are all doing well, and trying to stay cool out in the summer heat. I know my posting hasn’t been on a regular basis recently, but honestly it’s not because I haven’t been productive. I honestly have had a post I’ve been working on, but every time I go to work on it I end up completely changing it. It’s adapted into something completely different than what I originally expected it to be so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it soon. In the meantime, the struggle I’ve had with my other post has led me to be inspired to write this post.

So I’m not sure about you, but the way I expected my life to go when I was younger is nothing like how it has turned out to be today. When I was younger I thought that by the time I turned 23 I was going to already be out of my parents house, married, and have a kid or 2. It’s just that it was kind of what I knew, and thought was the norm. Flash forward to today, and I’m currently 23 still living with my parents, still single, and I’m not even 100% sure that I want kids. The expectations that I had for myself, and what has actually happened in my life are two very different outcomes.

I remember when I got to the age where I thought all my expectations that I’d had for so long were supposed to start happening, and none of them occurred. It honestly scared me a bit because I felt that I must have done something wrong because what was supposed to happen didn’t. It’s something that I struggled with for a while, and sometimes I still do struggle with parts of it.

What I’ve come to realize though is that life happens. Not everyone’s story is the same, and that’s okay. It’s okay that I’m currently still at home with my parents because it allows me to spend a lot of time with my family that I love. Still being single is completely fine even if it does really suck sometimes. Also not being sure if I want kids or not is also okay as well. Right now I love my fur babies so much, and that is currently what matters to me.

Life doesn’t always happen the way we expect it to. I said I’d never be a communications major because I said I was too introverted. I’ve found through experience that I love what that major holds though, and that I can do what it requires. I’m not jumping up and down over things like public speaking, but I’ve learned I can pull myself together and deliver a speech. I’ve learned I can talk to new people, I can put my writing out there for others to read, and so much more. I used to hate working out, especially during my high school years. I thought it was the worst thing on the planet. Now I’m willingly working out, and I actually kind of enjoy it. I hated sports, and thought I always would. Now I spend most of my time watching and keeping up with hockey. I’ve also started to watch and keep up with baseball as well.

The list could go on and on about all the things that have happened in my life that I didn’t expect. Some of those things are good, some are bad, and some at times feel like they’re bad even if they are good. Expectations can be good in that sometimes they help you set goals. I’ve learned you can’t fully rely on them though, and that’s okay. Flexibility is a must in life, and when we can learn to sometimes go with the flow we can really grow as a person. It’s not always easy, and sometimes you just have to cry over the unexpected. Life isn’t always sugar, spice, and everything nice, but that’s alright. Life gives you experiences you never thought about. It lets you grow and find out new things about yourself, others, and the world in general. It allows you to expand to be more than you thought you could be.

As I’ve already said, there are times where I hate that certain expectations haven’t been met, and I get upset. There are times where I question whether or not I’m doing something wrong in life. Then there are other times where something unexpected happens, and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I’ve had times where I’ve found that taking the road less traveled really has made the difference.

I wanted to share this because I know that sometimes I can feel alone in my struggles with expectations. If you’re struggling with this as well I want you to know that you’re not alone. In fact it’s something that has really been an up and down in my life over the past couple of months especially in the last few weeks. I wanted to share that sometimes even going off the path that you thought was right can still lead to good. At times it even leads to something better than you thought it would. Life is tricky, stressful, full of the unexpected, and scary. It’s also beautiful, fun, adventurous, and full of joy. I know it’s not always the case, but I think a lot of the time it’s how we choose to view it. We can focus on how things have gone wrong, focus on how things are different but still good, or focus on how things went completely right.

Maybe this doesn’t resonate with anyone, and it’s just me. In that case, hope you enjoyed getting a look into my brain. If you do relate though I hope maybe you got some encouragement from it in knowing you aren’t alone. I wanted to share this in hopes that I can help someone with their own struggles. Or maybe just help someone get an idea on how others feel at times. Overall, it helps me by getting this out there because I feel I’m unloading something from my brain. It also helps me by knowing that maybe just maybe one of you will read this, and feel less alone.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this, and that you are all doing well. I hope to get the other post I’ve been trying to work on to you soon if I can figure out what direction is right for it. In the meantime, be sure to comment below. You can talk about your own expectations, give me suggestions for topics you would like to see on here, or something completely random. The comment section is open to you. You can also check out past posts until the next one is up. Thanks for reading this post, and I’ll see you next time!

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