Sunday Songs-11/10/19

Hey everyone! The workload of this semester (my last semester of school!) and a lack of writing inspiration have caused me to take a break from blogging for a bit. I’ve been feeling inspired by music a lot recently though, and thought I’d get back to the reason I started this blog in the first place. That reason was that I wanted to share my love of music, and so here I am ready to do that again. There will obviously be other topics on here still as well, but music has always been one of my biggest loves. I enjoy writing about it, and hope to share it all with you. So here we go with my first Sunday Songs post! I hope you enjoy.

I attended a concert last week so my music taste for the week was partly inspired by that. So the beginning of the week was spent listening to Angel Olsen and Vagabon. I already loved Angel Olsen’s music, but Vagabon’s music was new to me. I got her album at the show, and I’ve spent most of the week listening to it. I love all of Vagabon’s album, but I think my favorites are between “In a Bind” and “Every Woman.” The album has a great chill sound, and it’s perfect for the fall season.

Along with those two phenomenal artists I’ve also been listening to a few other albums and playlists as well. One album I’ve been constantly listening to recently is Taylor Swift’s latest album Lover. It makes me happy, and the pictures that she paints through her words are beautiful. Also for someone who has never been in a relationship I can still find lyrics I relate to in the songs. I’ve especially enjoyed listening to “I Think He Knows” and “Paper Rings.”

There’s this other album that’s been out for years, but every fall I end up listening to it on repeat. It’s by a group called Gloriana, and the album is named after the group. I can’t explain why I have to listen to it every fall or why it’s one of my favorites. All I know is the first time I ever listened to it I fell in love with it, and have been slightly obsessed with it ever since. I love to turn the volume up on it as I’m driving down the road, and sing the words at the top of my lungs. Unfortunately, the band is no longer together but at least they left us with some really great music.

Lastly, I’m doing something that some may find crazy since we haven’t quite made it to Thanksgiving yet. I finally broke down and I’m listening to Christmas music. I really tried to hold off until later, but I couldn’t do it. I keep seeing all this Christmas stuff and it makes me so excited. I’m not ready to take the decorating plunge yet so I thought music was the next best thing. I’ve pulled out my Christmas playlist filled with all of my favorites. Alabama’s Christmas CD’s, David Archuletta’s “Christmas from the Heart”, Pentatonix Christmas albums, Michael Buble, and so many more. It makes me want to put the tree up even more while eating Christmas treats and wrapping presents. I guess that’s kind of bad seeing as I’ve already said we still have one of my other favorite holiday’s to celebrate. At the same it’s kind of good because it’s helping get me in the holiday mood.

Overall this is where my music taste has been this past week. Some are new and some are old, but they’ve all found a place in my music loving heart. As I continue this I hope to maybe occasionally go deeper into songs or albums that I’m loving. This week I thought I’d start light though. I think it’s kind of fitting as that’s what my mood has been recently. The other day as I was driving down the road listening to my music and looking at the leaves that are changing colors I just felt this light feeling of happiness and cheer fill me. My first thought was it’s amazing what your favorite season and good music can do for you. So whether you love one of these, plan to check out one of these, or you plan to listen to something completely different I hope that you can find music or something that makes you feel that way as well.

Thanks for reading this first week of Sunday songs! I hope to keep this up and to share more with you as the weeks go on! If there’s an artist you feel I should check out and talk about you can comment below with your suggestion or let me know on social media. See you next week!

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