Sunday Songs-11/17/19

Hello everyone! Here we are about to start a new week! We’re also coming up on Thanksgiving so that’s exciting. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so I’m especially excited about it all. This past week has felt like an extremely long week, but it’s had its good moments. I got my cap and gown for my upcoming graduation so that makes me happy! I also got the dress that I plan to wear to graduation which is exciting! It’s all starting to become so real, and I can’t wait for graduation day in just a few weeks. This week has seen the arrival of several new songs that I’m loving along with some older songs as well.

When it comes to new songs there are two that I was really excited about this week. They are by artists that I love, and they did not disappoint. I only wish these songs had come out earlier this year like during the summer. They’re both upbeat songs that seem perfect for a good summer day. It doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less right now though. The first song that was put out this week was by Colony House. They’re one of my favorite bands, and have released several new songs recently. I love all of the new ones, but this latest one has to be my favorite. It’s called Original Material and it’s an upbeat bop. I love everything about it, and I have a feeling it will be on repeat for a while.

The next song is Harry Style’s latest. I’m not going to lie his newest songs haven’t been my favorites he’s released. I still love them, and I don’t think they’re bad songs. I just like some of his earlier songs better so far. Watermelon Sugar is fun though. It’s similar to his other stuff, but has a slight twist as well. I definitely love it, and look forward to driving down the road jamming it.

Another song I’ve really loved this week is new, but had sort of already been out as well. This week Taylor Swift released a new version of Lover that is featuring Shawn Mendes. I’ve been obsessed with it since the moment it came out. I think they’re both extremely talented artists, and them working together is phenomenal. The new lyrics that he added to the song made me love it even more. Their voices also sound amazing together. I don’t see it coming off of repeat anytime soon.

I like a little bit of everything when it comes to music, and I go through stages where I love listening to Broadway songs. I found this amazing station on Google Play music called Broadway Ballads, and I’ve been listening to it off and on recently. Through listening to it I found a new song that I can’t stop listening to. I literally had it on repeat the other night for like over an hour. I just couldn’t turn it off! It’s a song from the play Jekyll & Hyde. It’s called Someone Like You. The girls voice is so powerful, and the soft musical accompaniment is the perfect addition. It’s so beautiful, and whether you’re into Broadway or not I recommend giving it a listen.

Along with these lovely songs, I’ve been listening to one of my playlists over the past few days. My anxiety decided to come for a visit on Friday night, and has made a few appearances here and there since then. I have a playlist for when it comes to visit or when I feel it may. It’s full of songs that help bring me some peace and calm. There are many songs on the playlist, but there are a couple that have really helped over the past few days. The first song that is always my go to when I start this playlist up is Oceans by Hillsong. It’s normally always followed by You Say by Lauren Daigle. One last one that I’ve really appreciated in the past day or so is Human by Christina Perri. It was a reminder to take care of myself and to just take a breath. These three along with the rest of the list has been a great assist in helping me get back to a norm of sorts. While I’m still feeling occasional moments of anxiety I’m getting back to feeling a bit more like me.

I’ll end this weeks post of Sunday songs by sharing a throwback. This past week was the CMA awards, and I really enjoyed seeing all the performances. I especially loved all of the female performances they had throughout the show. The opening performance featured many great women, and one artist in particular reminded me of a song I used to be obsessed with. Sarah Evans was one of my favorite artists when I was younger, and her song Born to Fly was my jam. She performed it in the opening of the show, and I’ve listened to it several times since. I’ve also caught myself singing it a few times as I went about my day this week.

Well there you have it! Here’s my week through music! It was a bit of a roller coaster type week, but overall I can’t complain. Hope all of you had a good week! I’d love to hear what song you feel describes your week! So be sure to comment below or comment/respond to my post on social media! Have a great week this week! Talk to you later!

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