So Whatever Happens, Lets Begin!!

Well I finally did it! After five years of hard work I have completed my time in college. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, but it’s come to its end. As I look back over my time in college the word that comes to mind is thankful. I’m so thankful for all of the experiences it gave me and all that it taught me.

There are some people who question why someone would pay to get just a piece of paper. What I’ve come to learn is that college is not just a piece of paper. It’s a learning experience that teaches lessons even outside of the classroom. I learned a lot about myself, and even learned a bit about others.

As I reflected over my time I thought I’d share a bit about my experience. I feel people often question why so many people choose college. I’m not saying it’s the only good choice after high school as everyone is different. I feel it was the best choice for me though.

  1. First off college helped me realize that school could actually be fun. I’ve never really loved school, but college helped me see learning in a whole new way. I actually finally realized how much learning could help you grow as a person. It was finally something that I wanted to do, and not something I had to do.
  2. College helped shape me in many ways, but one major way is it helped me get a better idea of what I want to do with my life. When I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t feel I was good at anything. College taught me that it’s not necessarily about what you’re good at though. It’s more about what you’re passionate about. Through taking classes that I was interested in I found my passion.
  3. Not only did I find a passion, I found that I wasn’t as bad at some of the things I thought I was bad at. I’m not a huge fan of public speaking, but college taught me that I could do it. While I’m not jumping up and down excited about delivering a speech I learned that delivering a speech can be done without feeling like I want to sob.
  4. This was more outside of the classroom, but during my time in college I learned how to deal with my mental health more. I had my ups and downs, but I found things that helped to keep it closer to the up side more often.
  5. My time in college helped me to realize how important new experiences and new places are to a persons growth. They help you see things and people in a whole new way.
  6. College allowed me to learn how to use new computer programs that I never really thought I’d need or use.
  7. Through my Photojournalism class I was able to learn more about one of my passions. Taking pictures is something I’ve always enjoyed as a hobby. There are things I always wanted to learn, and through taking a class in school I was able to learn those things.
  8. Speaking of photojournalism I also learned that the hardest and most stressful classes allow you to learn the most, and provide the best lessons. To be honest I hated the class for many reasons, and it’s definitely the class that brought the most tears. In the end though I look back and realize the class was so beneficial in many ways.
  9. Speaking of tears. I learned that it was okay to cry. I never really use to cry or get all that emotional about things. Now I’ve realized that it’s okay to be emotional, and it’s okay to show those emotions.
  10. Through college I was able to find that I love psychology and sociology. It’s through finding that I loved those topics and writing that I settled on my major.
  11. Not that I didn’t necessarily already know this, but college taught me that a dance party was good for stress relief.
  12. Along with that I found that a really good playlist is required for driving a lot. Getting stuck in traffic is never all that great, but a solid playlist really makes the whole experience much better.
  13. This semester in my capstone class I had to write articles on public affairs which meant that I had to attend city council meetings. That is something I’m not sure I would have done if I wasn’t required. It opened my eyes to how much a city council decides on, and how important they are.
  14. Not to be stereotypical or anything, but college taught me how much I rely on coffee. It really was a must especially on days that I had an 8 a.m. class.
  15. I did an internship towards the end of my time in college which allowed me to use the skills I learned in school in a work setting. I learned just how beneficial my classes were in assisting me. It also allowed me to boost my confidence as well.
  16. College helped push me to do better and gave me a desire to want to improve myself. In high school I never really tried all that much because I honestly just didn’t care. I didn’t like school so I just did what I could to get by. College first forced me to try more, but through that I learned how much better I felt about myself when I tried. I found that working hard made me feel proud of what I’ve done.
  17. Speaking of college forcing me to push myself. I learned a lot about failure. Something I used to try to hide is that I almost failed out of school my first semester. There are a few reasons for that, but one reason is I treated it the way I did high school. I quickly learned that had to change though, and so the next semester I came back and worked hard. By the time I finished my time in college I was making mostly A’s in all of my classes every semester. It honestly makes me feel even prouder of my accomplishment knowing how far I came.
  18. I learned that a lot of the time the fears we have about doing something are fears that others are dealing with as well. I know I mentioned public speaking already but that class taught me a lot. Our first class we had to share what scared us about the class. In the end it seemed we all had the same fear which made taking the class so much easier.
  19. I learned to always give yourself extra time when going somewhere as you never what obstacle you may face. I can thank B.O.B (Big Owl Bus) for this lesson. As I never knew when it would cause a delay in me getting to class on time.
  20. It was all worth it! Every 8 a.m. class, every tear, every late night, the stress, the group projects, all the B.O.B bus rides, and everything else that happened. When I walked across that stage I was hit with an overwhelming feeling about it being all worth it. I’ve learned so much and grown so much as a person. I am who I am today because of my time in college, and to be honest I’m proud of who I’ve become. Sure I want to continue to grow and change throughout life, but I feel college gave me a good start in the right direction.

I really thought I should leave this at 19 things I learned since I graduated class of ’19. I’m weird and prefer even numbers though so here are 20 things I learned. Honestly I feel I learned so much more, but this is just a small look into it all. It sums it up at least.

When I started college I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know how much it would teach me. Now I look back and don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t go.

I’m grateful for the experiences I had over the five years, and for my time in school. Now I’m excited for what is next though. I can’t wait to take on the next adventure in life. I’m ready for the good and the bad that come with the next part of life, and feel more ready to handle it due to the experiences I faced in college. So here’s to an end of one experience, and the start of a new one!

If you got this far I just want to say thanks for reading! I feel this post was kind of long, but it’s hard to fit five years of experience in one post. I hope you enjoyed reading though! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great week!

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