Sunday Songs- 1/26/2020

Hey everyone! Can you believe it? I’m actually posting a Sunday Songs post on a Sunday for the first time in a bit! You may think there’s no way that I have more to add after just posting a few days ago, but I actually do. There has been quite a lot released in the music world this week that I’m really loving. There’s also a few artists that I’ve just really been in the mood for this week. Overall, I got a mix of old and new to share with you.

First off this week is the album I shared my excitement for in my last post. Leave what’s Lost Behind by Colony House was released this past Friday, and it’s all I’ve listened to since. My first listen through of this album left me in awe of how amazing all of the songs were. The instrumentals and vocals are both so beautifully done. The more I listen to it the more I find myself loving it. A lot of the lyrics feel so relevant to me for where I am in life right now, and I feel it was released at the perfect time. I originally had it narrowed down to four favorite songs, but as time goes on I’m really finding myself loving “Take It Slow.” I’m captivated with every part of the song, and I find myself getting excited when I know it’s about to play. I especially love how they end the song. The whole album is truly marvelous, and I can’t recommend it enough. Colony House really hit it out of the park with this album, and it deserves to be heard by everyone. You can hear my favorite song from the album by checking out the video below.

Colony House weren’t the only ones putting new music out this week. Kelsea Ballerini released her new song “la,” and along with the song she released a music video. She kept adding on more greatness by also announcing her new album would be out on March 20. That’s 8 days before my bday so happy birthday to me! I love the new song and the vibe of the music video and I look forward to hearing what she does next. You can check out the song by watching the video below!

Another song that I checked out this week was Hayley Williams new song “Simmer.” When I saw she was releasing some stuff on her own I was intrigued. I love Paramore’s music, and I was looking forward to getting to hear something new. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I kind of figured it may have a Paramore type sound, but it seems it does have it’s own sound. It’s different which I think is cool. I love when an artist is willing to try something new, and I feel that’s what she did. I feel I still need to give the song a few more listens before I could really talk about my favorite parts of it, but upon a first listen I found myself enjoying it. I also look forward to hearing what she comes out with next. Click the video below to hear the song!

I haven’t just been listening to new releases this week though. If you follow me on social media then you may already have an idea of who I’m about to talk about. If you don’t then I’ll clue you in. I’ve been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash this week. It’s fairly normal for me to be listening to Cash as those who know me know that I love his work and him as a person. He is my favorite artist of all time. I know a lot of his music, but there are still times where I’m hit with a song by him that I don’t know as he released a lot of music during his career. I always get excited when I hear one I don’t know, and this week I heard a song by him that was new to me. It’s title is “What is Truth.” The lyrics still seem so relevant to today in my opinion, and I really enjoyed it. If you want to see him performing it you can check out the video below.

I’ve also been in a Twenty One Pilots mood this week, and have found myself listening to them in between all of the other stuff I’ve talked about. I love how honest and open their lyrics often seem to be. There are many lines from their songs that I feel were pulled straight from my own brain as I can relate to them so much. I think my favorite song of all time by them would likely be “Screen,” but I have quite a few favorites. This week though the one I’ve found in my head a lot is “Migraine.” I just love the way it is written, and so I thought I’d share it today. I feel that it’s likely most people know it already, but if it’s your first time hearing it I hope you enjoy. You can watch the video below!

Well there you have it! That’s what’s been on in my car or on my phone this week as I’ve played music. I’d say it’s a pretty solid mix, and I hope you find something that you enjoy. I should also add that I did check out the new Selena Gomez album, but have only given it one listen through. I enjoyed it, but feel I need to hear it more before sharing more about it. Along with all of this I’m counting down the days until the new Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix. The trailer about it and all the articles about it are making me more excited to see it. Swift is an artist that I’ve admired for a long time now, and I love that she’s opening up a bit more of her world to the world. If you haven’t seen it already then click the video below to see the trailer or if you have seen it feel free to watch it again. I know I’ve already watched it multiple times. That’s all I have for this post! Hope you all have a great week, and feel free to give your own music suggestions!

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