Sunday Songs-3/1/2020

Picture from the last time I saw All Time Low when they performed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s time for a new Sunday songs post, and I’m excited to share that I finally have my first concert of 2020 planned. Sad Summer Fest was announced this week, and after seeing several of my favorite bands on the lineup I had to buy tickets. With that being said one of the bands I’m most thrilled to see at the show has been releasing new music that I’m excited to share with you today. I shared one of their songs with you a few weeks ago, and now there’s another one to talk about.

All Time Low is one of the artists that I’ll be seeing at Sad Summer Fest, and they recently released their song “Sleeping In.” It’s a great song, and the video is just as awesome. I mean who doesn’t love a video that features a fun song, cute animals, and a message that encourages people to adopt not shop?!?!? It’s literally a concoction of greatness! I can’t wait to hear the whole album on April 3rd!

Another band that recently announced a new album is 5SOS! By the end of this month we’ll have access to this new album. I’m especially excited because it come’s out the day before my bday so it’s basically a birthday present. They’ve had two new songs out in the past few weeks, and since I can’t decide which I love best I’m just going to share both!

This next band is a band I actually found out about because of 5SOS. They’re a band called lovelytheband. The first song I heard by them was called “Broken.” After hearing that song I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Then when their album came out I listened to it nonstop as well. Now they’ve released a brand new single as a start of a new era, and I love it. So excited to see new music from them, and I look forward to what’s next.

Alright the last two videos I want to share are new singles, but the actual songs have been out for a little bit. They both came out this week, and they both blew my mind in different ways.

I’ll start with the video we were blessed with first, and that is the masterpiece of “The Man.” It’s Taylor Swifts new music video, and she knocked it out of the park. Not only did she go above and beyond to become the man, but she also directed the video. I really am so impressed by how much she put into this video. I already adored the song, but this seriously just made it even better. She really did that! Wow! I love her!

Alright the word that comes to mind when I think of this next video is winsome. It’s honestly truly spectacular. It’s simple, but at the same time it isn’t. The song is already a song filled with vulnerability and lots of emotion. I feel this video just emphasized it. I’m really impressed with it all, and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did. So please enjoy “Falling” by Harry Styles.

There’s been a lot of fun and interesting songs and videos out recently. I hope you enjoyed the few that I’ve shared as much as I enjoyed them. What have you been enjoying in the music world this week? Comment below with your favorites! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post! I hope you all have a great week!

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