Why Writing?

I’ve developed quite a few interests over the years, but the one that get’s questioned the most (next to my interest in hockey) is my interest in writing. Over the years when I’ve stated my love for writing I’ve gotten strange looks or asked why I like it. Which I understand because the confusion some feel for my love of writing is the same confusion I feel for people who say they love math. My response to those confused is normally that I have many reasons for loving writing. Which is true, but there is one reason in particular that stands out the most when I think of why.

As I think about where my love of writing started I feel I can relate it back to where my love for a lot of things comes from, and that’s history. I feel my love for history greatly inspires a lot of my life. I think it inspires me to try to be a better, kinder, and more understanding person. It also has inspired my interest for things such as music, books, movies/ documentaries, and more.

Reading other people’s stories is the reason that I write my story now. I think about the lasting impression that some people’s writings have made on the world. Think about a book, movie, song, etc., that has inspired you. What if it had never been written? Is there a possibility that your life could look different now? Whether it’s a book, a news article, a press release, a song, a journal entry, or writing in some other form. They make an impact. We can now use that written information from the past to learn so much.

To me I feel that writing is important not just because I love it, but because it’s needed. Even if my writings don’t impact the whole world they could impact one person, and that in my opinion is enough. I know that even something as simple as journal entries or letters can have an impact because they’ve impacted my own life.

We have this book that a family member made at one time that shares the family tree, family pictures, and even some letters. To me the whole book is intriguing and important, but I especially love those family letters. In those letters you see what the people were dealing with at the time, and their thoughts. It gives you insight to their life. I feel like I can get to know a part of the person even though I never met them. It inspires me to want to write everything down even more.

I feel any time is good for writing, but especially at a time like we’re in now. It’s a weird moment, and I think it should be documented for sure. I know that I’ll want to be able to go back and see how I felt during this time myself. So even if my writing is only ever just for me it can still be useful. I’ve honestly learned some great lessons from just going back to see my old thoughts and feelings on something.

With all of that being said, I hope that that maybe some of you may see a new importance to writing. Maybe you’ll even consider trying it out more often yourself. It’s not something you have to be great at, and it’s not even something you have to share with the world. I feel it’s important though for not only other people, but yourself. It helps clear your mind, helps you figure out how you really feel, and allows you a look back at a past time.

So if you’ve ever wondered why writing? Now you know. I love it because not only does it help me now, but it could help myself or someone else in the future. Writing has allowed us to know some of the greatest stories of all time, and that shouldn’t be ignored.

Thanks for giving my post a read. I hope you enjoyed it, and that maybe it inspires you to write your own story down. I’m always interested in other people’s opinion on writing so feel free to comment below with your own thoughts on the subject. Hope you all have a great week! See you next time.

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