Sunday Songs-11/17/19

Hello everyone! Here we are about to start a new week! We’re also coming up on Thanksgiving so that’s exciting. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so I’m especially excited about it all. This past week has felt like an extremely long week, but it’s had its good moments. I got my cap and … More Sunday Songs-11/17/19


I’m back!! Anyone else getting tired of me saying that? I’ll be the first to admit I’ve slacked a bit recently. I’ve been a bit busy over the past few weeks. The good new about that busyness is that it’s inspired several of the blog posts that I have lined up! Today’s inspo is from … More Hamilton


We’ve almost made it through a full week of dealing with the time change. I’m not sure about you, but it’s worn me out. Luckily, I finished all of my school work yesterday and don’t have work today so I’m taking it easy. It’s also almost been a week since I went to Nashville as … More Nashville